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09 March 2018


TDP leaders meet Modi, resign from Union cabinet

Coalition politics involves contestation and bargaining of benefits among the coalition partners. TDP stating union Government did not provide for necessary assistance it promised for the state, quit the coalition.


Female Foeticide a shame :Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Modi in a program in Rajasthan mean to expand Beti Bachao, Beti padhao program has stated that - let us resolve that the same number of girls will be born as the number of boys.

He also Launched a national Nutrition Mission aimed at improving nutrition levels of women and children and reducing low birth weight by 2% each year.


Union govt to set up arbitration council

Govt of India gave nod to Arbitration and conciliation (amendment) Bill 2018. In an effort to make India a goal hub for arbitration, Government intends to set up Arbitration council.


Friends with benefits

Coalitions run on electoral prospects and ideological congruence. Though BJP and TDP are not ideologically congruent, common electoral prospects have brought them together.  On the other side, division of state of Andhra Pradesh has pushed AP in to financial crisis. Centre’s lack of attention towards AP is the reason for the TDP to walk out of union Government.

Special category status is the demand of AP.  It was promised on the floor of the house by then Prime Minister Man Mohan singh. Centre states acceptance of 14th finance commission decision makes it impossible for it to offer the status to any new state.


Chance for peace

Korean peninsula appears to be moving towards peace. North Korean leader offered his willingness to engage in talks on denuclearisation , if his regime is secured and military threat is eliminated.

North Korea participation in winter olympics, visit of South Korean delegation to North Korea all are signals for a peace process. South Korean President Moon Jae in need to be praised for his trust in peace process through out.

It is the time USA need to build trust and shall take opportunity for a peaceful Korean Peninsula.


In Pakistan, its advantage Shariff

Remember these points

  1. Punjab is the largest province in Pakistan and it is an asymmetrical federation.
  2. Women enjoys reservation in national Assembly in Pakistan.


A New NAM for the New Norm

Non Aligned movement was seen as a response to cold war era politics. In reality, it is about  freedom of thought and action, strategic autonomy to the newly independant countries. India was instrumental in building NAM and sustaining it.  NAM served developing countries and India in Particular. NAM was able to block US effort to include Germany, Japan in UNSC and to permanently close it for further expansion.

But, 2016 NAM summit was not attended Prime Minister Modi and it clearly shows loss of interest of India in it. Changing dynamics also prove the same. India is moving close to USA and diplomacy has more become transactional.

As the world is changing, there are multiple poles that are emerging. USA, China and Russia have become dominant poles. This scenario needs a resurrection of NAM with new characters. It can be called as NAM2.0

The characteristics of NAM 2.0 can be

  1. It has to set new standards for what powerful can do. India legitimacy in it comes from its ability to stand for the highest human and universal values and at the global level India shall be true to it aspiration to create a new and alternative universality.
  2. Non alignment today involves management of complex coalitions in structurally fluid environment.
  3. India for its strategic and foreign policy to be successful, India must sustain domestic economic growth, social inclusion and democracy.
  4. IBSA with similar interests with out ideological conflicts can be a best model to start with for NAM2.0
  5. NAM 2.0 shall allow countries to pursue their relations with USA, Russia and China with out unduly influencing coalition to their favour.


Should the left align with congress

  1. It is more a debate between socialism and secularism. If secularism is prioritised, both of them are expected to come close. but, on economic front congress more or less follows Neo liberal ideology which BJP is continuing.
  2. In Long term, popular mobilisation through grass root movements can be a way forward for left. Ideological rejuvenation and alliances built from below through popular movements can be the way forward.
  3. Left have to come out of its dogmatic thinking and shall be able to adopt to changing world. For instance, mondragon corporation experiment in Spain can be an alternative to its present model of state ownership. On religion front, Laitn American Liberation theology can be studied.




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