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14 March 2018

SC shuts the door on foreign law firms
Supreme court of India has adjudged that
Foreign law firms or foreign lawyers cannot practice law in the country either on the litigation or non litigation side.
It allows for flying in and flying out of foreign lawyers as long as it is casual and not frequent,
Foreign lawyers and firms are not barred from conducting international commercial arbitration but they have to follow the code of conduct applicable to Indian lawyers.

A model protest
A peaceful long protest taken up by the farmers and Tribals in Maharashtra is an example for conducting a protest. It was able to win the hearts of administration, urban dwellers and gain redressal for their problems. Maharashtra Government has promised Immediate implementation of land title allocation under fires rights act and promised to extend loan waiver scheme to all.
Political parties need to understand agricultural distress and need to give a due attention for it.

Fire in the woods
In India, if tourism need to be developed, safety shall be given a priority. Adventure sports like trekking need to have a proper standard practices, regulation for safety. Giving regular information on risks to the people, raining people in escape manoeuvres and standardising communication equipments etc are very important.

An Urgent prescription
India need to encourage public sector capacity for manufacturing medicines. The reasons are
Many times private sector is not willing to come forward to manufacture on compulsory licensing fearing an extensive legal battles.
Essential drugs need to be provided at the cheaper prices. Public sector presence can benchmark the prices of essential drugs.
Most of the Active pharmaceutical ingredients are imported from china today. It can be dangerous in times of emergency. Public sector can push us towards self sufficiency.
India can gain exports for pharmaceutical products produced under compulsory licensing.

The French connections
Emanuel Macron visit to India shows growing strategic convergence between the two countries.
India and France launched a strategic partnership in 1998. In the two decades both sides enlarged co-operation in multiple areas. It is remarkable in defence, space and now it is spread out in to energy.
Defence : India - France have joint Naval exercises Varuna. India is purchasing Rafael aircrafts, Scorpene Submarines etc from France. Both of them are committed to a multipolar world. After India’s nuclear tests France is the first major power to open dialogue . President Jacques Chirac declared that India’s exclusion from the global nuclear order is an anomaly.

Space : France has helped India to build its rocket launch station, liquid engine development etc
Nuclear energy : France promised India of EnR technology essential for India’s nuclear program. Areva is building nuclear reactors in Jaitapur, Maharashtra.

Renewable energy : India and France initiated International solar alliance for promoting solar power and are committed to renewable energy.
India and France are coming closer in building smart cities and France is expecting to become an entry point for Indian companies in to Europe.
Other areas that need improvement are in the fields of education and Tourism.




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