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15 March 2018

The Man who traced the history of time dies

Stephen hawking - Physicist, cosmologist passed away. He did extensive work on gravity, Black holes and origin of the universe. He is the first to pronounce emission of radiation from black holes. He authored - A Brief History of time - From the big bang to Black holes.


Curb misuse of social Media, says Rajnath

Home minister Rajnath singh expressed concerns over rising cyber crime and misuse of social media.


No bank regulator can catch all Frauds : RBI governor

Mr. Patel has expressed various concerns related to banking regulation

1. Banking regulatory powers are not ownership neutral. RBI did not have power to supersede public sector bank boards. It limits regulator to take effective action against them.



The Left doesn’t need the congress

There are two major reasons stated for the alignment of left with congress

  1. To have a united front to fight ultra nationalist hindu right.
  2. To arrest the fall and irrelevance of Left.

a) If history is observed, alignment of left with other political parties which are ideologically different has decimated it. For example, in Italy alliance between Italian communist party and christian democrats have decimated communists.

b) If congress and Left are aligned, voters will have only two choices and it makes easy to polarise the voters. If congress and left are separate they can present left and centrist choices to BJP.

c) Congress as a party believes in Neo liberalism and free market economics and it is not ideologically in alignment with left.


Far short of potential

India - Japan economic relationship remains underwhelming in relation to strategic ties. India and Japan have good Government to Government relations but not Business to business relations. Major reasons are

  1. Cultural differences
  2. Market differences

Japanese industry is failing to understand these. In the scenario, partnerships with locals can be helpful and already Panasonic and Tata entered in to partnership to develop smart solutions.

Another is, India can be used by Japanese industry as a manufacturing base for markets in Africa.


A Political choice

All Cross border terror attacks on India do not develop same response. Precipitation of a terror event in to crisis depends on

  1. Media reporting
  2. Succession of attacks
  3. Fatalities
  4. Political choice.

Among all of the above, political choice of action appears to be the most important one.


Explaining 1971

India’s intervention in Bangladesh in 1971 achieved many strategic objectives.

  1. Bengali uprising has provided India with an opportunity of century. India is able to eliminate threat of two front war.
  2. New country in eastern Neighbourhood can be converted in to a potential ally. If not, it will not be a potential threat as like east pakistan.
  3. Most of the refugees came from east Pakistan are hindus and border districts of India are muslim dominant. There was potential danger of communal strife.

So, economic and political aspect of refugee problem rather than humanitarian aspect of the refugee problem that was important to delhi.









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