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16 March 2018

Pakistan asks its envoy to return for consultations

As a reflection to growing bilateral tensions between India and Pakistan, Pakistan has asked its envoy to return for consultations. It accuses India of harassment to its diplomats.


Spy incident: 4 Nations slam Russia

UK, USA, France and Germany have slammed Russia for using Nerve gas to kill an agent in UK. After second world war, It is the first time a nerve gas is used on European soil. This unlawful use of force has led to a strong reaction from UK. (prelims - Nerve Gas, Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons)


Credit tangle

RBI has recently banned LoU and LoC (Letter of undertaking and letter of comfort) as a knee jerk reaction to Nirav Modi incident. LOU is a low cost instrument by importers and most of the payments of importers to the tune of $84bn happens through them.

As they are banned traders have to depend on much expensive bank Guarantees and Letters of credit. It will impact the competitiveness of exports as raw material imported can become expensive.

 RBI need to find a way to improve regulatory environment and healthy functioning of Banking sector rather than taking away financial instruments from bonafide customers.


Rexit and Beyond

President Trump has fired secretary of state Rex Tillerson over foreign policy differences. They had a difference of opinion on Iran Nuclear deal, North Korea etc. He is replaced by an hardliner Mr.Pompeo who is supportive of hawkish stand of Trump.


The strategy of conflict

Points to remember

  1. Bilateral talks between India and Pakistan have drastically reduced cease fire violations.
  2. Elections and political posturing in both the countries are related to ceasefire violations.

New Delhi has followed three broad strategies to deal with violence on the Jammu and Kashmir border

a)    talks over bullets

b)    Talks and bullets

c)    Disproportionate bombardment

Talks over bullets - this phase lasted roughly till 2008. Bilateral talks have reduced violence during this phase.

Talks and bullets : This strategy was followed during UPA Government. Though India responded through a strong military action, talks went on simultaneously. It reduced risk of escalation.

Disproportionate bombardment: After initial engagement, NDA Government decided to stop talks and take a hawkish stand. It has a danger to escalate tensions beyond control.


IS active Euthanasia the next step?

Supreme Court of India in Aruna Shanbaug case laid down guidelines for passive euthanasia and later it was upheld by Supreme court constitutional bench. It clearly and unambiguously stated that right to life consists of Right to dignified life and privacy. If this logic of Autonomy, dignity is extended, it is not possible to distinguish between passive and Active Euthanasia.

However, decriminalisation of suicide has to precede active euthanasia.


Arresting the drift

Russia is moving close to China and Pakistan. It is even supporting Pakistan membership to NSG. India need to take steps to avoid drifting of its trusted ally.






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