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17 March 2018


TDP moves no confidence motion after quitting NDA

TDP, a regional party from AP has moved a No confidence motion against the Government. As BJP has majority of its own in the parliament, it has no immediate danger due to this.

Opinions to note

  1. Asymmetrical treatment of different states in a federal polity can lead to divisive tendencies.
  2. Regional parties are looking for a come back in national politics in 2019 elections.
  3. In coalition politics, bargaining federalism has become a norm.
  4. Prime Minister in coalition era is more a negotiator than a leader.


Won’t touch Ram Sethu : Government to SC

Government of India has stated to SC that it will not disturb Ram sethu, an underwater coral bridge in Indian ocean for building Sethsamudram shipping canal project.



The self-binding Russia Prism

USA is dominated by view that president Trump and Russia colluded with each other. It is harming relations between the countries in two ways.

  1. USA president is defensive to go for an active outreach to Russia. Added to this, he was forced to declare Russia as a number uno enemy for USA. Revival of great power rivalry is clearly visible in National security strategy and national posture review of USA.
  2. Military expenditure in both countries is on rise. USA is about to spend a $trillion to modernise its nuclear weapons.
  3. This narrative is dangerous to USA democracy for the reason that, it disenfranchises USA citizens and delegitimises its democratic process.


The long fight against TB

If fight on TB has to be effective there has to be a strong fight against infection, progression and transmission.

  1. Early diagnosis through skin test for latent TB and decreasing exposure to infected individual plays a key role.
  2. Partnership with private sector is essential for early diagnosis.
  3. Universal primary care is essential for early diagnosis of TB.
  4. Screening of all children in an age window of 5-10years






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