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19 March 2018





Dangerous spiral

New Delhi and Islamabad are spiralling hatred against each other. Unprofessional treatment to diplomats from either side is violation of Vienna convention on diplomatic relations, Vienna convention on consular relations.


In a plastics world

Plastic is now widely present in the environment. The health impact of various components of plastic - polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate is not well established.

The most efficient way to deal with pollutants is to control the production and distribution of plastics. In this banning single use plastic bags, enforcing solid waste management rules, 2016 is a way forward.

Point to note

European Union vision document 2030 states creation of a circular plastic economy. It involves changing the very nature of plastics from cheap and disposable to durable, reusable and fully recyclable.


A stoppable Juggernaut

In India, voters are by and large secular compared to political parties. Unluckily, secularism in electoral politics is projected as anti Hindu. The real meaning of it is to treat all religions as equals ,lost the significance.

Today, debate of Indian elections is revolving around religion rather than development. but, electoral victory depends of fulfilment of developmental needs of people.


After the drift, the split

TDP - BJP alliance has become the victim of competitive politics in AP. Debate between special category status and alternative special assistance measure has took an emotional turn due to competitive politics in AP.


The skripals in salisbury

The diplomatic stand off after salisbury killings in UK is more a knee Jerk reaction rather than a thought out action. Previously, Chilcot report has clearly exposed misjudgement regarding chemical weapons in Iraq.

So, rather than hasty decisions , UK has to strengthen its regulatory framework to arrest the flow illicit money in to Russia.


No Power of choice for consumers

A decade and a half after the electricity act came, consumers still face a monopoly in power supply. The reasons are

  1. Electricity act 2003 provides for open access. But states using load dispatch centres is denying open access.

  2. Cross subsidy surcharges has to end for open access to work. Most of the states have increased surcharges.

  3. State Governments can impose restrictions on supply of power by the producer outside the state. But, Most of the states liberally interpret this provision to restrict power supply outside the state.

  4. States are imposing open access charges to compensate state discoms for their long term contracted capacity. It is limiting incentives for open access.



IIP stands for Index of industrial production and PMI stands for Purchase managers index.

IIP and PMI are based on monthly surveys. PMI is a private sector survey while IIP is gauged by the Government.

IIP is a measure of output and PMI is a measure of input.

Both the indices provide comprehensive information about formal manufacturing sector. but, both of them do not measure informal sector activity.

The Nikkei India manufacturing PMI is a composite index based on five individual indices with their own weightage.

  1. new orders

  2. Output

  3. Employment

  4. Suppliers delivery time

  5. Stock of items purchased.


A score above 50 denotes expansion and below 50 signifies contraction.



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