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My Notes 20-3-2018 20-03-2018
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20 March 2018


Bending the rules

  1. Neutrino Observatory

  2. Environment impact assessment

  3. National green tribunal

  4. Mathikettan chola national park

  5. National board for wild life

  6. Salim ali centre for ornithology and Natural history

Objections of National green tribunal are bypassed to bring a neutrino observatory in Theni District of Tamilnadu. It is very close to mathikettan shola national part in Kerala’s western Ghats - a Bio diversity hotspot.

Added to this, project is approved under category B rather than as category A inspite of being close to national park. In this way, it has avoided prior environmental clearance.


To be fighting fit

The Government must order a comprehensive strategic review of the future threats to India

Indian armed forces are demanding for an higher budget. In this scenario, following observations are essential.

  1. Asia is developing in to a multi polar system with power asymmetry and china as a hegemony.

  2. India has threat of two front war.


Steps need to be taken

  1. Govt shall take a wholistic review of all border guarding forces - Army, Assam rifles, BSF and ITBP. An integrated management of border is essential.

  2. Measuring military capability need not be only through budget allocations. Military need to transform its resources in to effective war fighting capability.

  3. Civil military coordination is expected to be far better. There need to be a greater integration between all three services and ministry of defence.

  4. Military capability need to be enhanced using modern technology - autonomous systems, robotics, AI to enhance military capability.

  5. India need to develop modern military industrial complex rather than dependant on imports.


First step in a long Journey

National medical commission bill seeks to make structural changes in health care system.

Health care system in india suffers from rural Urban divide, insufficient medical colleges and man power. Bill tries to address these through following measures

  1. Creation of a Bridge course for AYUSH/non allopathic doctors

  2. Strengthening of primary health care centres and sub centres.

  3. It creates quality control for private medical colleges.


Time to move beyond subsidies

India’s export schemes are challenge by USA at WTO. Initially, subsidies and countervailing measures did not apply to India as it was under Annex VII countries. Today, india do not qualify for Annex VII list for the reason that per capita income of india has crossed $1000/annum. India along with the other countries are demanding for relaxation of notes further.

so, it is the time for India to review its export strategy and focus on trade related infrastructure and trade facilitation measures.


A move to equivalence

India and France made an MOU to recognise each other degrees. It helps many of the foreign educated intellectuals to deliver classes and to continue research in india.

India need to make similar agreements with other nations too.


Treaty that backfired

India had three objects from Shimla agreement 1972.

  1. A lasting solution to Kashmir issue or filing that, an agreement that would constrain Pakistan from involving third parties in discussions about future of Kashmir.

  2. To make Pakistan to acknowledge the change in balance of power.

  3. These objectives need to be achieved with out pushing Pakistan to wall and creating an Anti India regime.

In this , following developments changed outcomes of Shimla agreement

  1. military regime in Pakistan that has killed Zulfikur ali Bhutoo.

  2. Pakistan becoming Nuclear disturbed the power balance.


Other agencies in News

  1. Bank boards Bureau

  2. IRDAI






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