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21 March 2018



Separate freedoms

Civil and politic rights of citizens can not be exchanged for economic benefits or subsidies offered by the Government. These are more entitlements of rightful citizens.

Supreme Court of India in k S puttuswamy vs union of india held that right to privacy is central to Huma dignity and is necessary for every individual irrespective of social or economic status. In a recent interim order supreme court has extended deadline for linking various services with Aadhar. But, section 7 is stated as exemption. According to it, any person receiving subsidies, benefits and services from govt need to have Aadhar. These programs include PDS, Mid day meal program etc. it goes against the spirit of earlier supreme court Judgements.


Awash in water crisis

Business as usual approach to water security are no longer sufficient. India and many of the Asian , African countries are going to suffer from severe water shortage. World water development report states the same.

Nature based solutions like environmental friendly agricultural systems like conservation tillage, crop diversification, legume intensification, wet land construction, watershed management etc need to be focused upon.


Back to front

Third front in India was never a pre poll alliance. It did not come in to existence with out support from either congress or BJP. In all the circumstances they are unstable and ended prematurely.


Accord under strain

Colombia peace accord between security forces and revolutionary armed forces of Colombia is under strain for the following reasons.

  1. Right wing militia are not accepting accord.

  2. Parliamentary elections have got people support to right wing political parties.


When truth loses

MIT researchers found that false news spreads faster , farther and deeper than truth. The major reason is it has an element of surprise and truth has an element of anticipation.


Centre wants humane AFSPA

Centre wants to revise AFSPA to have a humane and effective law.





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