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22 March 2018



BJP, Cong trade charges over use of data analytics firm

Cambridge analytica - is in the middle of the storm for using Facebook data to understand voter behaviour in USA presidential elections. It is alleged that same firm also has offered data analytical services to BJP and congress in india.


Plea to deregister political parties is opposed

As on today Election commission of India can register a party but can not deregister them. In this scenario, it is recommended that election commission need to be empowered to deregister a political party under section 29A of RPA 1951, if its office bearers are convicted for any crimes.


Ayushman Bharat health scheme

  1. The scheme will provide a cover of rs 5lakh per family per year.

  2. The target beneficiaries will be more than 10crore of families belonging to poor and vulnerable population.

  3. There is no bar on family size or age.

  4. All secondary and tertiary care procedures are covered.

  5. It subsumes the ongoing centrally sponsored schemes - Rashtriya swasthya Bima Yojana and senior citizens health insurance scheme.



Read the distress signals

Note the points

  1. Farm prices are kept suppressed for a long period of time to keep industrial wages low.

  2. Subsidies given to farming sector are failing to reach actual beneficiary.

  3. The biggest concern for India is to reduce the burden on agriculture.

  4. Rising MSP can decrease necessary incentive for crop diversification for farmer.

  5. Loan waivers are bad economics.

In india, agriculture suffers from under employment and low productivity. Small land holdings and higher dependance on the agriculture are the reasons. It is leading to under employment and livelihood concerns.

so, making agriculture a market based enterprise, to create opportunities outside farming, to connect farmers to the value chain from farm to fork, to remove restrictions on the export of farm produce, easier land transfers like leasing, encouraging crop diversification and land consolidation that reverses fragmentation are essential.


Govt of India need to be applauded for various steps it took.

  1. neem coated urea

  2. Direct benefit transfer

  3. Soil cards

  4. Giving tax holiday to farm producer organisations. etc.


xi rules

China has revamped structure of the Government through introduction of vice president and vice premier etc. Added to this, National supervision commission, financial stability and development commission are created to fight corruption and to provide policy direction to economy.

On the other hand, concentration of power in Xi hand has increased criticism and many of sections of the society it as an antithetical to the idea of collective leadership.


Conserve every drop

Grave water situation in cape town in south Africa is a wake up call for every body across the globe, it indicates a grave situation ahead of us.

How we understand water, value and manage water as a precious resource will direct our action towards it.

today, we understand water as surplus, ever expandable resource. So, it is a good not valued and taken for granted. Management of water suffers from wastage. so, safe, acceptable , accessible and affordable water need to be the goal. Reduce , reuse and recycle need to be the way forward.





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