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My Notes 23-March -2018. 23-03-2018
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23 March 2018

UIDAI chief defends safety of Aadhar data before Supreme Court

UIDAI chief Ajay Bushan Pandey has unambiguously stated that - Aadhar is secure and well encrypted. Other highlights are

  1. Aadhar offered  a billion plus population a robust, life time, nationally online, verifiable identity.  He termed Aadhar as a portable entitlement against poverty.
  2. 100% authentication free Aadhar system cannot be developed. If Aadhar biometric  authentication fails there are alternatives demographics and electronic OTP.


Cong plans privilege motion against Sushma

Congress announced its decision to move a privilege motion against external Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj on misleading the nation on Indian killed in iraq.


FB apologises for breach of trust

FB chief Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his apologies for breach of privacy of its users.


Trump orders curbs on Chinese goods, investments

In a fundamental shift in the American approach, president Trump imposed curbs on Chinese goods, investments. He accused them as forcing American companies to shed their intellectual property rights.

Chinese investments are accused to be promoting strategic interests of china rather than meant to make profits.


10 Missions on anvil to boost exports

Govt of India os focussing on 12 champion services to boost exports. Govt of India is planning to develop coastal clusters, changes in industrial policy to boost exports.



CA, Facebook and You

Cambridge analytica appears to have used behavioural micro targeting and psychographic messaging for Donald Trump campaign. In this context, data protection laws to protect the privacy of citizens is very important. In this scenario, following points are important

  1. Laws need to be reframed to the changing technology.
  2. Politics and elections need to be kept out of social media, fake news. Strong regulation is necessary.
  3. There need to be clear laws on data ownership and data protection.


Curbing misuse

Remember these

  1. It is a settled law that mere scope for misuse of an act is not a ground to invalidate it.

Today, SC, ST prevention of atrocities act is facing a challenge of misuse. Supreme Court of India has ruled that section 18 that bars anticipatory bail is not absolute. It also allowed for protection to public servants stating that no arrest can be made with out the written permission of the official’s appointing authority. In regard to private citizens, arrest need to be authorised by senior superintendent of police in the district. 

Terms of separation

Lingayats are demanding for their recognition as a separate religion. They expect themselves to be differentiated from Hindus.

Ligayats are the followers of Basava and they have evolved an elaborate rituals to mark the distinctiveness of their Dharma from Brahminism. They reject temple worship and forbid animal sacrifice.

Mysore state in 1881 has recorded it as a caste in hindu religion. They are today considered as hindus along with Veera shaivities.

Why a separate religion?

  1. Lingayats are a dominant caste in Karnataka and are seeking a separate identity of their own.
  2. As Lingayats are interpreted as part of Hinduism, distinctiveness of their dharma is lost.
  3. Ligayat culture is though against casteism, recognising it as a caste made its philosophy to lose its strength.
  4. Minority status gives the religion necessary constitutional Guarantees and securities.


Meeting India’s electricity needs

Indian electricity needs can not be met by renewable sources of energy alone. solar, wind can not have predictability. so, maintenance of generators etc to meet peak load is adding to the costs.


Is the economy back on track?

  1. As on Today, data collected is from corporate sector and it is showing signs of growing.
  2. Informal sector data is not yet collected. There is a decline in demand in unorganised sector. It can be seen in lack of momentum in capacity utilisation. Employment is not rising. These indicate a bad health for unorganised sector.

Banking sector is still in doldrums.


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