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24 March 2018


Office of the profit issue : Delhi HC reinstates 20 AAP MLAs

Delhi HC has stated that disqualification of AAP MLAs is against to the principle of natural Justice as no fair chance of hearing is offered to the MLAs.



A first step

The National health protection scheme - Ayushman Bharat has unique features of its own.

  1. It is available to all citizens irrespective of age and income limits.

  2. It is the program meant to cover largest population - 10crore households and the benefit is up to 5 lakh rupees for household.

On the other hand,

  1. India need to enact a right to health act to strengthen entitlement to care.

  2. There need to be regulatory control on pricing of hospital charges.

  3. Social determination of health need to be given a priority - Affordable housing, pollution control, road safety add to the disease burden of the country.

Added to these, NITI Aayog has recommended for a state specific approach. Bu, NHPS is based on uniform approach to universal health care.


Rising Risks

USA fed is rising interest rates as employment rates and economic growth are back on track. It will definitely have risks on flight of capital from developing economies. It will affect exchange rate, inter bank credit, corporate credit etc.

India need to be ready to face eventually.


Tibet is not a card

India need to stop seeing Tibet from political trump card to appease/agitate china. It has to focus more on domestic engagement with the tibetan community. An young generation born and raised in India are totally disconnected from Tibet. But, unrest is brewing. Added to this, Dalai Lama did not disclose his successor and it is expected to create a leadership vacuum.

The issues for Tibet refugees are

  1. To start discussions with china.

  2. Indian Citizenship to Tibetans living in exile in India

  3. Change in demography of tibet - More and more Hans are settling in China.


Donald trump and the art of breaking a deal.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are feared Nuclear Iran and equally a regionally powerful Iran. Obama through nuclear deal was able to reign in first with promoting the next. President Trump aims to undo the same. The consequences are

  1. Hardliners in Iran can gain voice. It can give fillip to nuclear program.

  2. After breaking the deal, only the way forward for USA to stop the deal is to go for war. It can worsen the situation further.

  3. EU members are to ready to go along with USA on this matter.

  4. Any walk out from the deal can damage the credibility of USA.

  5. Situation in Afghanistan is expected to worse further .





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