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26 March 2018


We are alert in Doklam, says defence minister

Defence minister Nirmala sitharaman has clearly stated that India is ready for any eventuality in Doklam.


North East ex militants gets more sops

Ministry of home affairs have raised monthly stipend for former militants from the existing 3500rs to 6000rs


Many aims for defence policy

Govt has stated following objectives in draft defence procurement policy.

  1. liberation of FDI by permitting up to 74% through automatic route.

  2. Achieving turn over of 1,70,000cr in defence goods and services by 2025.

  3. Creating employment for nearly 2-3 million people.


Why do farmers go marching ?

Agriculture suffers from vast quantities of unsold produce. Govt though declared MSP for 24 crops, the bulk of procurement is restricted to rice and wheat.

Recent steps of Government - proposed and active

  1. Price deficiency payments

  2. Direct cash transfers for farm subsidies

  3. National electronic market




Controlling the machine

Data protection law is the need of hour in india. It is still guided by information technology act , 2000. It is substantially deficient and practically unenforceable. In the scenario, EU;s general data protection regulation can be a guide to all countries that aim to make data protection laws.

A data proaction law need to be guided by privacy as a rule and deviations as exceptions. Exceptions have to be guided by doctrines of necessity and proportionality. It mean

  1. Any information need to be taken only it is necessary.

  2. Any utilisation of information need to happen only to the extent it is required and authorised,

  3. No third party sharing of information shall happen with out authorisation of owner.


The need for special attention

India is establishing special courts to deal with various laws. There is no clarity on various issues like.

  1. Special courts need to be newly set up or existing courts itself act as special courts.

  2. Judges most of the times are not recruited, but, existing judges are given extra responsibilities under new statutes.

  3. Legislative intent is also unclear.


After the emergency

Emergency is lifted in maldives. Still a lot need to be repaired to restore democracy. The damage to Maldives- India relations appears beyond repair.

  1. Yameen Government moved from India first policy to anti India stance with in these 45 days.

  2. Relations with china got deepened with FTA, offering of atolls and investments flows. China even offered to mediate the crisis.


Fighting forest fires

Forest department suffers from lack of funds and personnel to fight forest fires. Today, technology is sufficiently developed to recognise and communicate forest fires immediately to the field offices. but, action on the ground is weak due to lack of resources.

Other information - mechanisms used to control forest fires

  1. Technological - applying fore retardants

  2. Counter fires

  3. Fire lines - creation of natural barriers to fire

  4. Using green leafy boughs to retard fire.





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