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27 March 2018


US expels 60 Russians, shuts consulate in Seattle

As an extension of killing of a double agent in Salisbury, UK- USA has expelled 60 Russian diplomats from the country. 14 other European countries also followed the suit.


SC to examine polygamy in Muslim Marriage

Supreme Court of India issued notices to centre, law ministry on a batch of petitions regarding polygamy, Nikah halala among Muslims. SC already declared instant triple talaq as unconstitutional.



Principle and procedure

The court ruling on AAP MLAs is a slap on the face of Election commission of India. It is the

institution that need to advise president of India / governor of the state on the disqualification of


As Quasi Judicial body, election commission of India is expected to follow principles of Natural

Justice. The Right to be heard is an important principle and it is violated. so, procedure and principle

are essential in dealing with quasi Judicial decisions.


The non politics of procedure

  1. Data protection is essential for individual privacy and collective security. today, individuals, societies and nations are under data control.

  2. MNC’s collecting, storing and generating data intelligence are not under the control of Government of India.

  3. Platform based companies if collect data beyond a stipulated size need to be brought under controls.

  4. Government’s where these companies are registered can use the information for its own advantage,

  5. Data based economy has created hyper consumptive economy and a myth of choice to consumers.

  6. There need to be a mechanism to monitor social media spending of political parties.


Does Indian cricket need quotas

Indian cricket is dominated by upper caste, urban elite. It need to be made inclusive. In most of the circumstances, it is not the talent or merit but lack of opportunities that keeps marginalised away from it.


A perfect storm in the cotton field.

Bt cotton in India is affected by pink bollworm infestation. Unlike other countries it is an exceptionally happening in India. The reasons are

1, India, hybrids not open pollinated varieties are genetically modified. These Hybrid varieties are bushy, need longer time to grow cotton. Bollworm is infesting them after 160 days. In other countries crop is grown less than 160 days.


2. Genetically, Indian btcotton is hemizygous. Bt gene is introduced in only one of the parents. On the other hand, seeds in other countries are homozygous. Gene is introduced in both the parents. so, all seeds have toxin to kill bollworm.




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