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My Notes 30-March-2018 30-03-2018
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30 March 2018

  1. Tamil nadu to file contempt plea on Cauvery scheme.
  2. GSAT 6A gives India bigger eye in the sky

4. Stay on trial will only be valid only for 6 months: SC

Supreme Court of India held that any stay of a criminal or corruption trial or Civil case, will be valid only fro 6 months.

5. Cabinet approves education reforms

Govt is planning to bring in SSA, RMSA and teacher training under one single banner in a new education program.

Skill courses are being introduced from class 6 in future.

A 20% incentive is placed for the states for learning based outcomes.




Time to reach out across the border

India and Pakistan need to improve diplomatic relations and shall offer necessary diplomatic niceties to each other. Both the countries have a bilateral code of conduct to protect diplomatic personnel , guaranteeing them freedom from harassment. Many a times, harassment and il treatment happens due to lack knowledge of local authorities. Creating them sufficient knowledge on how to deal with a diplomat of an enemy country is essential.

Aggressive surveillance of diplomatic personnel is normal in both the countries. Improper and inhumane treatment of spies from each other are also normal. Espionage is part of statecraft and both countries need to develop civilised ways to deal with people caught on charges of espionage.


All that’s been left unsaid

A leader need to articulate a vision to the country. Though there is a fading aura of Prime Minister Modi in the country, congress is unable to create an alternate agenda to mobilise people. Elections are not just about contestation of people and parties, it is also about ideas.


Testing exam

There are two issues in the leakage of CBSE news paper.

  1. Can One single annual exam determine effort and learning of a child over a period of an year?
  2. How can we change the existing system to keep it fool proof?

National testing agency can be established to conduct exams. India can have a multiple assessments to assess the learning and aptitude of the child in the place of single exam.


Kim In Beijing

Kim’s visit strategically brings China in to North Korea’s hectic diplomatic calendar.

China wants a peaceful Korean peaceful. It fears that any unrest can lead to involvement of outside forces. so, it was not particularly happy about North Korea’s tests. so, it has supported sanctions against north korea. As largest trade partner, china involvement is essential to reign in North korea. China is the country that was helpful in starting six party talks in the first place.

So, Kim’s meeting with President Moon Jae in and President Trump are awaited. This trip definitely shows that Kim is serious.


Should gambling be legalised?


  1. Gambling is a natural instinct and it is difficult to be stoped. If legalised, it can be better regulated.
  2. Gambling is seen as a legitimate form recreation. Indian laws did not keep pace with it.
  3. If an activity is declared as illegal and it is not properly controlled ,it can lead to exploitation, black money generation, crime etc.
  4. Legal and regulated gambling an create a large scale employment opportunities.

Other side

1. Gambling is not morally correct in the Indian context. It can lead to addiction, loss of livelihood and bankruptcy.






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