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Current Affairs 17-04-2018

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17 April 2018


Regional reset

Foreign policy of India and SAARC region in general are on a strong footing for reset.

China : Post Doklam standoff, built up of military infrastructure by china is not given serious and hard look by India. There are high level visits between the countries. China is expected to support India’s entry in to NSG and CPEC is expected to be extended to Afghanistan as PACE. Added to this, China is willing to take India’s sovereign accounts in to consideration to keep projects in Gilgit- Baltistan region, PoK  out of scope of Belt and road initiative.  Added to this, India can generate a collective opinion among south Asia countries on sustainability of debt related to OBOR.

Nepal : India has welcomed Nepal Prime Minister Oli with open mind and constitutional aspects Nepal were out of discussion and a thing of past.

Maldives :Inspite of pressure from opposition and USA in Maldives, India has desisted itself from invoking with emergency imposed sin Maldives

Pakistan : Government admitted in Parliament about the ongoing interaction at National security advisor level. As Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal are requesting, India is also expected to take more conciliatory note on SAARC summit to be held in Pakistan.


Its time to replace UGC act

In order to overhaul higher education in India. UGV need to be replaced with Higher education regulatory commission, an advisory council and finance, accreditation boards. Added to this, universities need to be categorised based on quality and shall be awarded autonomy in proportion to the same.


At Home and in Exile

Climate change is bringing in climate exiles - an internally displaced population. South Asia is expected to have highest number of climate exiles.  They are going to pose a challenge to urbanisation and planning.  The poor would be the worst affected.

So integrating internal migration with ongoing development programs is essential. Peri urban areas need to be given greater attention. Eco systems, part of the natural resources in Peri Urban areas, ought to be protected as special economic zones.


Publish or perish

Making original research mandatory in medical intuitions without building research infrastructure is unrealistic. It will encourage bio data publications that are poor in quality. It also deflects attention away from clinics, academics and social mission.


In the lord’s hands

The UK Government faces a tough Brexit week with a crucial vote in Parliament. Jeremy corbynof  labour party, Brexit supporters are now looking other way round to have a common customs union with EU. It is expected to reduce the risk of hard border between Britain and republic of Ireland and  isolation of Britain.




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