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Current Affairs 18-04-2018

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18 April 2018



Managing an election

In Karnataka, political one upmanship has driven he concerns of the state to the backstage. It is surprising to note that no political party released its manifesto till date and are involved with election management. Visiting mutts, raising issues of religious and caste identity took precedence.

In this scenario, plight of farmers, underdevelopment of south Karnataka and rural urban divide did not come to centre stage.



Art 371J)


Chasing the monsoon

Indian meteorological department (IMD) predicts a normal monsoon for the coming Kharif season. However, increasing farm production in India is not converting in to income to farmers. The major reason are

  1. Drop in prices due to surplus production
  2. Increasing costs of production in India.
  3. MSP is offered only to certain crops in India.

Added to this, India shall focus on recharge of ground water, water use efficiency. India has close to 8 times higher use of water for cotton crop compared to china. Yield is also very low in India.



Monsoon forecast in India


Clamour for death

There is an increasing demand for death penalty for criminals involved with sexual offences against children. They seek an amendment for Protection of children from sexual offences (POSCO) act in this regard.

But, empirically there is no connection between reduction in incidence of crime and harsh punishments. It is going to further alienate the country form others where the mood is against capital punishment.

Any law making exercise shall be a well considered exercise rather than a response based on a sense of outrage over particular incidents.




JS verma committee recommendations.


Non alignment redux

What non alignment means to India depends on the prism through which it is viewed.  NAM can be seen form the prism of alliances and it casts doubt on india’s NAM credentials. If it is seen from the 10 principles of NAM ( Bandung conference, Afro Asian conference), India is still part of NAM.

NAM has come in to existence due to common history among Asian and African countries. They are against imperialism, colonialism and racism. It is rejection of cold war bloc politics and assertion of policy autonomy and sovereignty by newly independant countries.

India joining quadrilateral security dialogue is reflection of changing global order and if we see by principles of NAM, India still believes in It.



NAM - 10 principles


The New South Asia

China’s influence is increasing in South Asia. There are natural reasons for neighbouring small countries in south Asia to be apprehensive of India. It’s structural dominance, political instability in neighbouring countries is leading to a projection of India as a hegemon. Anti India sentiment is a political weapon for winning elections.

Rivalry with Pakistan has took away lot of India’s diplomatic capital and lack of innovation in diplomacy, eternal delay in infrastructure projects India promised created Vaccum which China is able to successfully occupy.

In this scenario, very idea of South Asian Geography is undergoing a change. India is trying to focus more on BIMSTEC and SAARC minus Pakistan. It need to be emphasised that India has to creatively remaking its strategic geography and shall evolve new terms of engagement.



China to scrap ownership limits on foreign car makers

China have ownership limits on foreign manufacturers to encourage local industry. In car industry 50% of the ownership shall be possessed by Chinese national. In the light of growing criticism and tariffs from USA, china has decided to remove these ownership limits. It is expected to benefit companies like Tesla, BMW.


Aadhar - Aadhar leak may sway polls, fears SC

SC of India expressed fears that leak of Aadhar data can sway polls and it can be used for targeting of voting behaviour citizens.


China - Japan hold reset talks ahead of Abe’s USA visit

In light of growing protectionism from USA, china and Japan leading manufactures of the world appears to be resetting their ties. Both are trying to look n to synergy between one belt and one road initiative and Japan’s Indo pacific blue print.

Japan sees India, USA, Australia as its main partners in implementing Indo-Pacific strategy. Japan has proposed a free and open Indo pacific with the stated purpose of enhanced connectivity between Asia and Africa.


Corporate debt

IMF stated that corporate debt overhang and associated banking sector credit quality are the immediate concerns to address in Indian financial sector.


India - Sweden agree upon win-win joint action plan

India and Sweden agreed for joint action plan in defence, counter terrorism legal framework, Innovation partnership.


Law commission favours simultaneous elections

Law commission  proposed for simultaneous elections and suggested constitutional amendments in this regard.

  1. The leader of majority party be elected as Prime Minister or Chief minister by the entire house for stability.
  2. In case Government falls mid term the term of the Government would be for the remaining period only.
  3. A no confidence motion against the Government should be followed by a confidence motion.








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