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Daily News Analysis 16-07-2014

DATE : 16-07-14








PM calls for UNSC, IMF reform

a)     I.R

a)     BRICS

b)     UNSC

c)     IMF

d)     BRICK Bank

a)     Calling on the Security Council and the IMF to recognise and represent ground realities, Modi said, Corrective action must begin with the reform of institutions of global governance.

b)      He said that cyber security was a priority for BRICS countries, and called for a united stand on “zero terrorism”.

c)     He called for more ‘people to people’ ties within the BRICS countries, including a BRICS university, more travel, scientific exchanges and sharing of healthcare facilities.

d)     He also directed for a common outlook on global crises such as the conflict in Israel, Syria and Iraq, and called for BRICS countries to help Afghanistan fight the forces of terrorism.

e)     In the BRICS summit, Shanghai won out as the location for the headquarters for the BRICS Bank and India would be the first presidency of the bank.


RBI eases reserve norms for banks issuing infra bonds

a)     Economy

a)     RBI

b)     CRR

c)     SRR

d)     PSL

e)     Plain vanilla form

a)     In order to encourage infrastructure development and affordable housing, RBI exempted long term bonds from the mandatory regulatory norms such as the CRR, SLR and PSL.

b)     Banks can issue long-term bonds with a minimum maturity of seven years.

c)     As per RBI regulations, banks are required to keep a portion of deposits as CRR with the central bank and park certain portion in government securities known as SLR.

d)     Rupee denominated bonds should be issued in ‘plain vanilla form’ without call or put option with a fixed or floating rate of interest.


Dams without responsibility

a)     National - Biodiversity

a)     Ganga, Alaknanda, and Bhagirathi rivers

b)     Biodiversity

c)     Hydro power projects

d)     NGRBA

a)     The problem with the dams is their location in a high or very high biodiversity value area.

b)     The construction of large hydropower projects such as Tehri Stage I and Koteshwar on the Bhagirathi basin and the Srinagar dam in the Alaknanda basin.

c)     The development of new hydro power projects has an impact on the environment, the ecology, the biodiversity, both terrestrial and aquatic, and economic and social life.

d)     Since the Ganga is glacier fed, the climate change impact in the Himalayan ecosystem and on the receding Gangotri and other glaciers are also of more importance.


Delayed NFHS derails Health monitoring

a)     Health

a)     NFHS

b)     HDI

c)     USAID

d)     UNDP’s HDR

a)     The results of National Family Health Survey, the only source of malnutrition data are now expected in 2015.

b)     It will have all the information including, on nutrition, and also some additional information on non-communicable diseases.

c)     The survey produces internationally accepted estimates of fertility and mortality, reproductive health, contraceptive use and violence against women, among several indicators.

d)     The NFHS is relevant not just for India; it is part of the globally standardized Demographic and Health Surveys led by USAID.


India, Russia begin naval drills in Sea of Japan

a)     International – Defence

a)     India – Russia defence relations

b)     INS Shivalik

c)     INS Ranvijay

d)     Kola Peninsula


a)     Russia’s guided missile cruiser Varyag and destroyer Bystry are participating in the exercise, in which the Navy is showcasing INS Shivalik, a modern stealth frigate, and INS Ranvijay, a Rajput class destroyer.

b)     India and Russia were involved in a joint development of phosphate deposits on the Kola Peninsula and potassium-magnesium salts in the Perm region is a large investment of $2.5billion.


Gandhi Peace Prize conferred on Chipko movement founder Chandi Prasad Bhatt

a)     Personalities

a)     Chipko Movement

b)     Satyagraha movement

c)     Gandhi Peace Prize

a)     The Chipko movement started by him in 1972 followed the same method of peaceful and non-violent Satyagraha for the legitimate rights of the hill people to collect wood and fodder and saving them from natural disasters due to large scale deforestation.

b)     A Gandhian and member of the Sarvodaya movement, he organised the Dashauli Gram Swarajya Sangh in 1964 and fought against wrong policies through Gandhian non-violent satyagraha.


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