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Daily News Analysis 19-07-2014

DATE : 19-07-14








Ukraine wants India to flay Russian support to rebels

a)     I.R

a)     Ukraine issue

b)     MH17 tragedy

c)     MH370 tragedy

a)     Calling the shooting down of a Malaysia Airline flight in Ukraine as an act of terrorism, Ukrainian Ambassador said India must criticize Russia’s support to separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine.

b)     Further he said that as a country that wants to be a UNSC member, India should make a more clear statement on supporting Ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity.


Unprovoked firing from Indian side : Pak envoy

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – Pak issues

b)     SAFTA

a)     Pakistans High Commissioner said that the ceasefire violation along the India-Pakistan international border was a result of firing occurring from the Indian side.

b)     On granting the Most Favoured Nation status to India, he said the issue would be discussed during the meeting of Commerce Ministers on the sidelines of the SAFTA meet later this month in Thimpu.

c)     About Hindu minorities facing oppression from a group in Pakistans Sindh province, he said Hindus were not a lonely case and all communities in the region had been facing trouble.


Modi government to go with UPA policy on FDI in retail

a)     Economy

a)     FDI

b)     Single-brand retail

c)     Multi-brand retail

d)     Aadhaar

a)     For States that choose to be open to FDI in multi-brand retail, the UPA Govt had permitted up to 100 percent investments.

b)     The FDI policy of centre gives States the freedom to decide whether or not to permit it in multi-brand retail.

c)     The centre also decided to carry on with the UPA initiative of Aadhaar card for targeted schemes. The only difference is that the Modi govt will issue Aadhaar numbers to Indian citizens.


Panel clears field trials for 4 GM crops

a)     S&T

a)     GM crop

b)     GEAC

c)     Bt cotton

d)     Bt brinjal

a)     The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee(GEAC) gave the green signal for field trials of genetically modified(GM) rice, mustard, cotton, chickpea and brinjal.

b)     While the GEAC has approved the commercial release of Bt brinjal, it has been stayed by the Ministry of Environment. The only GM crop approved for release in India is cotton.


Sin tax and tobacco use

a)     Economy

b)     Health

a)     Budget

b)     Sin tax

c)     Taxation system

d)     WHO

a)    The recent budget has increased the specific excise duty on cigarettes in the range of 11 to 72 percent and 10 percent on chewing tobacco.

b)     One of the most important shortcomings is the failure to tax bidis because bidi consumption constitutes 35 to 40 percent of total tobacco use in the country.

c)     Contrary to the WHO recommendations, there is a complete absence of price parity between different tobacco products.

d)     The govt has failed to link the tax rates to an automatic annual inflation-adjusted increase to bring about a real increase in the price.



Anti-tank missile detector to fight malaria

a)     Health

b)     S&T

a)     Malaria

b)     Infrared spectroscopy

c)     Focal Plane Array

d)     Red blood cells

a)     An anti-tank Javelin missile detector, commonly used in warfare to detect the enemy, has been found to quickly identify malaria parasites in blood.

b)     The technique is based on Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy which provides information on how molecules vibrate.

c)     Researchers used a special Imaging detector known as a Focal Plane Array(FPA) to detect malaria parasite-infected red blood cells.


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