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Daily News Analysis 21-07-2014

DATE :21-07-14








Russia moots mega energy pipeline project with India

a)     I.R

a)     India – Russia relations

b)     TAPI pipeline project

c)     IPI pipeline project

a) After the recently concluded $400 billion mega gas pipeline deal between Russia and China, Moscow wants to work on a pipeline to India through the Himalayas that could become the biggest-ever energy project in history.

b)     On the sidelines of the BRICS, Russian and Indian counterparts discussed the possibility of building another pipeline along the route of the planned TAPI, which would carry hydrocarbons to India.

c)     There are defence ties, valued at $35 billion and 22 future Russian-designed nuclear projects as the areas for India-Russia future cooperation.    


India allays Nepals fears over hydel plan

a)     I.R

a)     India – Nepal relations

b)     Hydropower issues

a)     With worries in Nepal over India’s intentions, four years after Nepal sent it a draft agreement on the power sector stated that in no way does the draft forceNepals sovereign right to develop its hydropower potential.

b)     The news reports about an export-oriented PDA(power development agreement) with India, instead of eliminating the already existing unequal treaties on Koshi, Gandak, Mahakali, Upper Karnali, Arun III, High Koshi Dam and Upper Marsyangdi, has come as a shock to all Nationalistic Nepalese people.


Banking on BRICS

a)     I.R

a)     BRICS

b)     Fortaleza Declaration

c)     Bretton-Woods institutions

a)     Fortaleza Declaration is the latest evidence in the rise of regional announcement.

b)     The establishment of the BRICS contingent reserve arrangement with an initial $100 billion will help countries check short-term liquidity pressures.

c)     The headquarters of the Bank shall be in Shanghai and the first president of the Bank shall be from India.

d)     The New Development Bank Africa Regional Center shall be established in South Africa concurrently with the headquarters.


Trials and Regulations

a)    National

b)    Geography

c)     S&T

a)     GM crop

b)     GEAC

c)     Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill 2013

d)     Bt cotton

e)     Btbrinjal

a)     The GEAC has now taken further steps to allow field trials of rice, brinjal, mustard, chickpea and cotton, and import of GM soyabean oil.

b)     BharatiyaKisanSangh(BKS) has opposed the centres decision approving field trials of certain varieties of GM crops.

c)     The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill 2013 which provided for multi-level scientific assessments and an appellate tribunal has expired.


A rare orchid blooms in Kerala

a)     Biodiversity

a)     Biodiversity

b)     Tiger Orchid

c)     Greenhouse gases

a)     The Tiger Orchid recently found in Kerala is native to the jungles of Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

b)     A plant that grows on other trees, the Tiger Orchid(Grammatophyllumspeciosum) produces hundreds of flowers on separate channels.

c)     The species is rarely cultivated commercially as it is usually too large to be accommodated in most greenhouses.


Army all set for 15th anniversary of Kargil War

a)     National

a)     Indo – Pak issues

b)     Kargil War

c)     LOC    

a)     The war was fought in the summer of 1999 to remove Pakistani regular forces which had intruded and occupied winter-vacated posts on the Indian side of the Line of Control, violating an unwritten agreement.


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