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China trade a non-issue: Koirala (Pages 1 and 10)

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – Nepal relations

b)     Indo – China disputes

c)     China projects in Nepal

a)     Nepals PM SushilKoirala said that Indias concerns about Chinas growing trade and Infrastructure presence in Nepal are ridiculous.

b)     China has emerged as Nepals largest investor, even as rail and road links from Tibet are expected to raise trade at the cost of Indias goods.


Deepening energy links (Page 1)

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – Nepal trade

b)     SAARC

c)     IPI pipeline project

d)     TAPI pipeline project

a)     India has decided to improveNepals energy security by agreeing to establish a two-phased products pipeline, which will eventually carry petroleum products from Raxaul in Bihar to Kathmandu.

b)     The proposed pipeline is part of a larger vision that includes the possibility of a gas pipeline from India to fuel power plants in Nepal.

c)     The initiative matches with New Delhis decision to create closer energy linkages with the eight countries of the SAARC.

d)     India has already decided to build a pipeline channeling diesel and kerosene to Pakistan from its refinery in Bhatinda.


India will convince WTO: Minister (Page 10)

a)     I.R

a)     WTO

b)     TFA

c)     Bali declaration

a)     The Minister stated that India did not agree to the Protocol of Amendment to TFA without a commitment to find a permanent solution on public stockholding and on all other Bali deliverables, including those for the least developed countries.

b)     Australia has expressed disappointment at Indiasnon-acceptance to sign the TFA of the WTO and saying the development would delay international trading system.


China General visited disputed region (Page 11)

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – China relations

a)     Indo – China disputed border areas

c)     Karakoram Pass

d)     PangongTso lake

e)     Depsang plains

f)     Aksai chin region

a)     He visited to the disputed western section of the border with India including stops to inspect troops at two sites that have been at the centre of recent differences over incursion incidents – near the Karakoram Pass and the PangongTso lake.

b)     Last month he visited to inspect border troops in Xinjiang and Tibet, including in the Aksai Chin region claimed by India.

c)     Shenxianwanborderdefence company which located at the north of the Karakoram Pass is assigned with protecting the area near Karakoram Pass and the western sections of the border east of Ladakh. This eastern region is close to the Depsang plains.

d)     The responsibilities of the water squadron(group of warships), likely, include the disputed PangongTso lake.


RBI holds policy rates (Pages 1,8 and 15)

a)     Economy

a)     RBI

b)     Bank rate

c)     Repo rate

d)     Reverse repo rate

e)     CRR

f)     SLR

g)     MSF

h)     GDP

i)     Inflation

j)     CPI inflation

a)     RBI has held policy rates at current levels except reduced the minimum bond holding requirement by banks – Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) by 50 basis points from 22.5 to 22%.

b)     The short-term indicative lending rate (repo) will continue at 8% and the CRR will remain unchanged at 4%.

c)After raising the repo rate to 8% in Jan 2014, the RBI kept the rate unchanged as the inflationary pressures continued at higher levels.



A weak El Nino and the monsoon (Page 8)

a)     Geography

a)     Southwest monsoon

b)     El Nino

c)     Pacific Ocean

d)     Warm currents

e)     Kharif crops

f)     Kharif crop regions in India

a)   The development of El Nino with surface waters of the equatorial Pacific growing warmer could take a charge on the monsoon.

b) The rainfall deficit increased and India received about 43 percent less rain than it should normally in June.

c) The eastern Pacific remains warmer than usual and current estimations continue to indicate that an El Nino.

d)     An El Nino often leads to an early withdrawal of the monsoon and reduces the rainfall received in September.

e)     The poor rains in June and July have already affected agriculture with the area under Kharif crops falling by about 14 percent when compared to last year.



Now college students can intern in government (page 11)

a)     National

b)     Social

a)     Internship Scheme

b)     Social sector schemes for unemployed youth

c)     Census 2011

a)     The Union Human Resource Development Ministry has evolved an Internship Scheme that will allow students from the undergraduate level upwards to work with officials in various departments dealing with education.

b)     The scheme is designed to involve students in formulating policies and implementing projects.

c)     The MHRD Internship Scheme is open to Indian students doing degree, postgraduate or research studies in recognised universities or institutions in India and abroad.


Doordarshan is all set to go global (Page 10)

a)     National

b)     Tele communication

a)     Doordarshan

b)     PrasarBharati

c)     DTH

d)     Hotbird-13B

a)     Doordarshan programmes will soon be available across Asia, Europe, North Africa and Australia towards a memorandum of understanding signed by PrasarBharati with German public service broadcaster.

b)     The programming will be available on the DTH platform of Hotbird-13B satellite.



China to ban all coal use in Beijing by 2020 (Page 9)

a)     Environment

a)     Greenhouse gases

b)     Carbon emissions

c)     Global warming

a)     Chinas pollution-troubled capital has announced plans to ban the use of coal by the end of 2020 as the country strugglesdeadly levels of pollution especially in major cities and saying they would instead prioritise electricity and natural gas for heating.

b)     Coal-fired power and heating is a major generator of greenhouse gases and has graded China into the worlds largest emitter of carbon and other heat-trapping gases.



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