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Key role for India in Silk Road project, says China (Pages 1 and 10)

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – China relations

b)     Silk Road project

c)     Travellers from Ancient China to Ancient India

d)     Maritime silk road

e)     Indian Ocean

f)     South China sea

g)     BCIM road

a)     Beijing expected an economic corridor linking its south-western Yunnan province through Myanmar to Kolkata as a key part of a land-based Silk Road economic belt.

b)     It is also planning to boost ties with port cities such as Chennai through a Maritime Silk Road starting out from south-eastern Fujian province and linking littoral countries in the region.

c)     India is the converging point of the Maritime Silk Road and the Silk Road on land. More than 2000 years ago, India through the passage of the southern Silk Road, had very good exchanges with ancient China.

e)    The Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian is a very good example. in the past, Master XuanZang (or Hsuan Tsang) travelled through the South Silk Road and arrived in ancient India and studied Buddhism there.

f)     China official said the proposed Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) road from Kunming to Kolkata would play a key role in the economic belt.


India for early conclusion of nuclear deal with Japan (Page 10)

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – Japan relations

b)     Indo – Japan civil nuclear cooperation

c)     Fukushima nuclear disaster

d)     East Asia Summit

a)     Ahead of Modis visit to Japan, India conveyed to its strategic partner that it was very eager on bringing the discussions on a bilateral civil nuclear deal to its logical conclusion as soon as possible.

b)     The discussions on civil nuclear cooperation were held on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit.


Army chief in Siachen ahead of Modis visit (Page 10)

a)     National

a)     Siachen

b)     Proposed projects in J&K

a)     Modi is scheduled to conduct an inspection of the forward posts before addressing a gathering of the jawans and officers in Siachen (worlds highest battlefield in J&K).

b)     He is also scheduled to start two power projects in Leh and Kargil besides set the foundation stone of a power transmission line linking the two Ladakh districts headquarters to the State capital of Srinagar.


SEBI clears norms for real estate, infrastructure investment Trusts (Pages 8 and 10)

a)     Economy

a)     SEBI

b)     REITs

c)     InvITs

d)     SPVs

a)     SEBI approved the SEBI (Real Estate Investment Trusts) Regulations 2014 and SEBI (Infrastructure Investment Trusts) Regulations 2014. This is in a major boost to the real estate and infrastructure sector and creating path for inflows of over $20 billion investment into these stressed sectors from both foreign and domestic investors.

b)     The SEBI Board approved these regulations which will now put India on a par with developed nations such as the UK, the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, where such trusts are listed and traded.

c)      As SEBI approved regulations, REIT will invest in commercial real estate assets, either directly or through special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and InvITs will invest in infrastructure projects either directly or through a SPV.


Risk-averse industry keeping investment down, says Rajan (Page 1)

a)     Economy


a)     RBI

b)     Monetary Policy

c)     SLR

d)     inflation

e)     GDP growth

a)     RBI governor said that demand for bank loans for industrial investments has not picked up even after two back-to-back cuts in the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) since the change of government at the Centre.

b)     Monetary policy could not simultaneously achieve lower inflation and higher growth. For lower inflation, growth must be sacrificed. To attack inflation, the RBI had in the last two monetary policy reviews kept interest rates unchanged but lowered the SLR from 23 percent to 22 percent.


Bifurcate Meghalaya only on consensus (Page 10)

a)     National

a)     Northeast tribes

b)     Khasi tribe

c)     Jainta tribe

d)     Garo tribe

e)     Garo hills

f)     Garoland region

a)     P.A. Sangma(MP) said that Meghalaya should be bifurcated only if all major communities agree to it. Also recommended the need to have a grand federation of the Northeast tribes to grant recognition to all tribes in the region.

b)      During his election campaign, he had made it clear that any bifurcation of the State has to be mutually agreed on by major communities – the Khasi and the Jainta on one hand and the Garos on the other.

c)     Creation of a separate Garoland is also a demand that would solve most of the problems in the militancy-hit Garo Hills.


ISRO: India working on manned flight mission (Page 11)

a)     S&T

a)     ISRO

b)     GSLV Mk-III

c)     Mars Orbiter spacecraft

d)     Martian Orbit

e)     Astrosat

f)     ultra-violet ray bands

g)     visible ray bands

h)     X-ray bands

a)     ISRO chairman said Indias scientists are on progress to sending the countrys first manned flight to space. A full-scale, unmanned crew module is getting ready to be flown onboard the experimental flight of GSLV Mk-III, to understand its ballistic re-entry characteristics.

b)     The Mars Orbiter spacecraft has traveled nearly 88 percent of its distance along its designated path to the red planet. The next operational milestone is the insertion of the spacecraft into the Martian Orbit on Sept 24 2014.

c)     He also spoke about the yet-to-be launched Astrosat, a multi-wavelength space-borne observatory that would enable simultaneous observation of planetary bodies in ultra-violet, visible and X-ray bands.


Keeping Ebola in check (Page 8)

a)     Health and S&T

a)     Ebola

b)     Zaire ebola virus

c)     ZMapp

d)     H1N1 influenza

e)     H1N5 influenza

f)     Polio

a)     After the H1N1 influenza (swineflu) in 2009 and polio in May 2014, the WHO has now declared the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa as an extraordinary event and a public health risk to other countries.

b)     After the first outbreak in December 2013 in the Gueckedou region in Guineas remote southeastern forest region, the virus has spread to three other West African countries – Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

c)     The biggest threat comes from the extremely high virulence of the Zaire Ebola virus species, the most deadly Ebola virus known, with death rates going up to 90 percent. The Zaire virus species is usually restricted to Central Africa.

d)     The incubation period – the time interval from infection to onset of symptoms – of 2 to 21 days poses a real danger to public health.

e)     Despite the deadly characteristics of the virus, transmission occurs only when people come into contact with the body fluids of affected people; there is no scientific confirmation of humans getting infected through airborne transmission.


Netajis kin do not want Bharat Ratna for him (Page 11)

a)     National

b)     History

a)     Bharat Ratna

b)     NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose

c)     Mukherjee commission

d)     SIT

a)     Majority of his family members did not approve of the idea of awarding the countrys highest civilian award Bharat Ratna may be granted on NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose.

b)     The family and members of the open platform for Netaji had recently written to PM demanding formation of a Special Investigation Team to investigate Netajis disappearance.

c)     When under house arrest by the British, Netaji had escaped from India in 1941 to ask international support for Indias freedom struggle. He went missing in 1945, giving birth to Indias most debated and mystery ever.

d)     The Mukherjee Commission that inquired into the disappearance had rejected the opinion that he died in a plane crash in Taiwan on August 181945.


17th century Ramayana manuscript under lock and key after theft (Page 7)

a)     Ancient History

a)     GoswamiTulsidas

b)     Manuscripts

a)     The only original pandulipi(manuscript) of Sri Ramacharitmanas (Ramayana) dated Samvat 1704 (1648 AD) and a few precious articles of its writer GoswamiTulsidas, were stolen from the Hanuman temple in the AkharaGoswamiTulsidas on TulsiGhat.



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