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Indian on Sri Lanka probe panel (Page 11)

a)     I.R

a)     Sri Lanka internal issues

b)     Civil war

c)     LTTE

d)     UNHRC

a) The Sri Lankan government has invited an Indian activist to a panel advising its Presidential Commission on missing persons.

b) In July, President MahindaRajapaksa expanded the mandate of the Commission – originally set up to look into complaints of disappearances – directing it to enquiry the roles of Sri Lankan army and the rebel Tigers during the civil war.

c)    The developments come fromthe UN investigation into Sri Lankas rights record following a resolution at the Human Rights Council in March. The Sri Lankan government, which declared that it would not cooperate in the process and initiated its own mechanism to enquire allegations of war crimes.


Hillary slams Obamas West Asia policy (Page 11)

a)     I.R

a)     Iraq and Syria situation

b)     Americas foreign policy on West Asia

c)     ISIS

a)     Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State and potential candidate for the 2016 presidential election criticised Obamas foreign policy and suggesting that this lack of aggression in projecting Americas power abroad had enabled the rise of Islamic militants in Syria and Iraq.

b)     She said the failure to help build up a capable fighting force for the people who were the originators of the protests against Syrian President – there were Islamists, Secularists and everything in the middle – the failure to do that left a big space to the jihadists.

c)     The rise of the Islamic State (IS) appears to have wrong-stepped Obamas plan to reduce US military involvement there.


In pursuit of smartness (Page 9)

a)     National

a)     Smart city

b)     Dholera project in Gujarat

c)     12th five year plan

d)     Green field sites

e)     Census 2011

a)     The call to smarten Indian cities has gone beyond the old promises of clearing garbage, building more housing for the poor, providing drinking water, guaranteeing electricity supply and better roads.

b)     Though we do not have a smart city yet in India, a 100 of them have been provided for in the latest budget following the model of GujaratsDholera.

c)     The magic with smart citiesbegan with the previous Finance Minister was significant enough to be made a part of the 12th Five Year Plan.

d)     Smart cities will design a new future for their inhabitants: greenfield sites will be made to ensure the uniformity of its population.


Involving people in governance (Page 9)

a)     National

b)     Social issue

a)     Our Village Our Plan scheme

b)     Common Schools Commission

c)     PESA Act 1996

a)     The govt of Telangana launched its peoples planning initiative,ManaVuruManaPranalika (Our Village, Our Plan) in the end of July with the aim of covering all Gram Panchayats.

b)     In 2006-07, the Bihar govt constituted the Common Schools Commission with ProffessorsMuchkundDubey and Anil Sadgopal as its members.

c)     Under Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act 1996, Gram Sabha is recognised as being capable to act on a range of powers.


Crony capitalism hampers economic growth (Page 12)

a)     Economy


a)     RBI

b)     Crony capitalism

c)     GDP growth

d)     Financial inclusion

a)     RBI governor noted that Crony capitalism, where the rich and the influential are claimed to have received land, natural resources and spectrum in return payment to corrupt politicians was a major issue in the recent elections.

b)     He further said that one of the greatest dangers to growth of developing economies like India is the middle income trap where crony capitalism creates oligarchies that slow down the growth.

c)     The only way of avoiding this trap is to strengthen public services, especially those for the poor, adding that financial inclusion drive of the govt and RBI is a key initiative in the same direction.


Rawatbhata achieves nuclear power production feat (Page 7)

a)     National

b)     S&T

a)     Rawatbhata Atomic power project

b)     Nuclear power generation process

c)     Tarapur nuclear reactor

a)     The Atomic Power Station at Rawatbhata achieved a feat when Unit-5 completed 739 days of uninterrupted power production. The unit is indigenously designed.

b)     With this achievement the Rajasthan Atomic Power Station becomes the second nuclear plant in the world to run continuously for such a long duration – second only to Pickering Nuclear Generating Station at Ontario, Canada.

c)     It displaced from the La Salle Power County Nuclear Generating Station at Illinois in the US. In India, the Tarapur Nuclear Reactor had operated non-stop for 590 days.

d)     Normally if a power project functions for more than 300 days without interruption, it is considered good.


Zombie spacecraft flies by the Moon (Page 18)

a)     S&T

a)     ISRO

b)     ISEE-3

c)     Indian spacecrafts to moon

d)     Mars mission

a)     NASA vintage spacecraft that was launched 36 years ago has successfully completed a return visit to the Earth-Moon system.

b)     The ISEE-3 spacecraft made its closest approach to the Earth August 9 and flyby of the moon August 10.After a lunar flyby, the unmanned probe has now been sent back into deep space.

c)     ISEE-3 is currently over 20,000km from the moon and 370,000km from Earth.

d)     Launched in 1978 and originally tasked with studying the outer reaches of the Earths magnetosphere, the probe was given a second mission in the 1980s to chase comets before it was shut down in 1997.



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