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India confident of solution to food security issue at WTO

a)     I.R

a)     WTO

b)     TFA

c)     Bali declaration

a)     India said both the issues of permanent protection for its minimum support prices for food grain procurement from farmers against dated caps of the WTO and a Trade Facilitation deal were likely to be resolved with talks resuming in Geneva next month.

b)     India will remain strong on its stand that the setting up of a work programme for finding a permanent solution on the food grain stock pile issue should be the condition for approving the TFA.

c)     Despite the missed TFA protocol deadline, the officials clarified the interim Peace Clause (PC) will continue to be in place. The PC provides protection against the WTO farm caps until a permanent solution is found.

d)     India wants the WTO to update its caps for farm subsidies as they are based to the food prices of the 1980s. The TFA and food security clauses were both agreed to in a WTO Ministerial in Bali last December.


No LoP post for Congress: Speaker

a)     National

b)     Polity

a)     LoP

b)     1977 Act

c)     Chief Information Commissioner

d)     Central Vigilance Commissioner

e)     Loksabha

f)     Parliament

g)     Speaker

a)     Loksabha Speaker has written to the Congress that neither rules nor tradition permits her to accept the partys demand for the post of LoP as it had failed to win at least 10 percent of the seats in the House.

b)     The consent was that the Congress, the second largest party in the Loksabha did not qualify for the post as the Directions of the Speaker rules mandated.

c)      Congress argument that the Chief Information Commissioner and the Central Vigilance Commissioner are appointed by the President on the basis of a recommendation made by a committee of the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in the Loksabha.

d)     Former Minister Karge said that the 1977 Act clearly stated that the single largest party among the opposition parties should be declared the main opposition party and its leader granted the LoP status in the Loksabha. He also said that the Act of Parliament was superior to the rules and guidelines.


PM walked the extra mile, but Pakistan did not: Prasad

a)     International

b)     National

a)     Indo – Pak relations

b)     Kashmir issue

c)     Hurriyat conference

d)     UN General Assembly


a)     Under criticism from the US, J&K Political leaders and the Opposition over its decision to cancel talks with Pakistan, the government explained that the problem was not the talks themselves but the sequencing of the talks.

b)    The Centre cancelled the talks as Hurriyat leaders met Pakistan High Commissioner.

c)     Pakistan official said it is a longstanding practice that meetings with Kashmiri leaders are held prior to Pakistan-India talks.

d)     Now the question is if the talks between PM Modi and his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif will take place as planned on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in September.


Modi announces new irrigation scheme

a)     National

a)     Pradhan Mantri Krishi Seenchayi Yojana

b)     Irrigation

c)     KYC

a)     PM Modi announced the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Seenchayi Yojana to meet the irrigation needs of all farmers across the country.

b)     This announcement made after he set the foundation stone for the four-laning stretch of the Kaithal-Siwani national highway in Haryana.


State Finance Ministers Panel on GST to meet today

a)     National

b)     Economy

a)     GST

b)     Integrated GST

c)     GDP

a)     They will meet to remove differences for an early roll-out of the progressive Good and Services Tax (GST) system.

b)     The Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers is likely to discuss the recommendations of a committee consisting officials from the finance ministry and some of the states on integrated GST.

c)     The integrated GST is a tax on inter-State movement of goods.


Indirect tax collections up 3.9 percent in April-July

a)     Economy

a)     Indirect tax

b)     Fiscal deficit

c)     GDP

d)     GST

a)     Indirect tax clear-up rose by 3.9 percent in April-July of the current fiscal even as customs duty and excise duty collections declined, reflecting depressed manufacturing activity.

b)     Indirect tax collections consisting excise, customs and service tax are increased than last year.

c)     The growth at 3.9 percent is far less than 25 percent annual increase expected in the Budget for the full 20014-15 fiscal.


Indian scientist gets grant to map the brain

a)     S&T

a)     Brain Mapping

b)     Virtual neuroanatomist

c)     Neural structure

d)     Brain slices

a)     An Indian neuroscientist Partha Mitra in the US has been awarded a prestigious grant under President Barack Obamas initiative to map the human brain.

b)      The grant will help him to develop a virtual neuroanatomist, an artificial-intelligence system that can identify cell types and neural structures in microscopic images of brain slices.



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