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India firm on Tamil rights in Sri Lanka (Page 10)

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – Lanka relations

b)     Srilankas internal issues

c)     Tamil National Alliance (TNA)

d)     13th Amendement

a)     India was ready on engaging with the Sri Lanka government and all political parties to help with the ongoing reconciliation process in the island nation.

b)     External Affairs Minister stressed the need for a political solution that addresses the aspirations of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka for equality, dignity, justice and self respect within the framework of a united Sri Lanka.

c)     Swaraj confident on the TNA Delegation that India would continue to highlight the need for transfer of powers as per the 13th Amendment and going beyond that for a meaningful solution.


Sushma begins Vietnam visit tomorrow (Page 10)

a)     I.R

a)    India – Vietnam relations

b)    Look East Policy

c)     India – ASEAN think-tank

d)     South China Sea

a)     To give a boost to bilateral ties and in keeping with Modis Look East Policy, External affairs Minister will visit Vietnam on August 24.

b)     She also convened a meeting of Indian heads of missions in Southeast and East Asian countries and will begin the 3rd Round Table of India ASEAN think-tank.

c)     She said India and Vietnam which shared strong economic ties were looking at increasing bilateral trade in textile, pharmaceuticals and agriculture produce.

d)     For techno-commercial reasons, India has also decided to extend for another year to the work on exploration of oil blocks allotted to it in the South China Sea. The exploration was initially scheduled for two years from 2012.


SC sets deadline on Lop issue (Pages 1 and 10)

a)     National

b)     Polity

a)     LoP

b)     Lokpal

c)     Speaker

d)     Supreme Court

a)     The SC asked the Centre to decide the status of LoP in the Loksabha by September 9 and made it clear that Lokpal legislation could not be put into hold. The Leader of the Opposition should be on the Lokpal selection committee.

b)     On the basis of sound principles and the existing conventions, the Speaker has concluded that no-one is eligible to be designated as Leader of the Opposition.


Gujarat raises red flag on GST (Pages 1 and 10)

a)     Economy

a)     GST

b)     IGST

a)     Gujarat has raised the issue for extra compensation for revenue losses that manufacturing States could suffer by the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST)

b)     Gujarat had identified this issue during the UPA government and is now seeking as compensation at least 2 percent out of the Centres share of the Inter-state GST (IGST) collections.

c)     IGST collections will arise from the proposed tax on the sale of goods and services produced in one State but consumed in another.

d)     The Centre and States where the sale takes place will share the IGST collections. Gujarat wants some part of such collections to be shared with the States which the products are made.


Humanising the law (Page 8)

a)     National

a)     Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) 1958

b)     Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act

c)     Section 309 (attempt to commit suicide)

d)     Human Rights Commission

a)     The Iron Lady of Manipur (Irom Sharmila Chanu) has come to represent the conscience of a country that probably recongnises that AFSPA gives unethical protection to excesses committed by the Army in parts of India hit by political conflict.

b)     The state has been unable or unwilling to win over the Army, which difficultly favours the retention of the indefensible law.

c)     In 2005, the UPA regime recognised the need to amend or dilute AFSPA and appointed a committee. It suggested amendments to the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act that could legally tackle insurgency and conflict in areas currently notified under AFSPA.

d)     It is time for the government to abolish AFSPA and invalidate Section 309 (attempt to commit suicide) to humanise the law further.



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