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Sri Lanka must ensure justice for Tamils: Modi (Page 9)

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – Lanka relations

b)     Srilankas internal issues

c)     Tamil National Alliance (TNA)

d)     13th Amendment

a)   Modi has favoured a political solution in Sri Lanka that builds on the 13th amendment to the island nations Constitution.

b)     In a meeting with a six-member delegation of the TNA, Modi stressed the need for a political solution that addresses the aspirations of the Tamils for equality, dignity, justice and self-respect within the framework of a united Sri Lanka.

c)    He conveyed to the TNA delegation that he had already raised some concerns relating to the treatment of the Tamil community with Sri Lankan President.

d)   The TNA leaders pointed to the continuing discrimination of the Tamils and said that India would have to come to the defence of the minority community.


New programme to get dropouts back in school (Page 9)

a)     National

b)     Social issue

a)     Ishan Vikas programme

b)     Shala Darpan

c)     Right to Education

a)     Union Human Resource development Minister said the government will soon announce a programme to facilitate the return of dropouts to school.

b)     Under the programme, the students would be encouraged to study as much as they want.

c)     The Minister said an Ishan Vikas programme had been launched to support students who had the calibre to become researchers and scientists.

d)     To make public sector schools competitive, the government would introduce a mobile app called Shala Darpan by next year so that the parents could track the attendance, assignments, mark-sheets and performance of their wards.


INS Kamorta joins Eastern Fleet (Page 8)

a)     S&T

a)     INS Kamorta

b)     ASW

c)     Indigenous surveillance radar Revathi

d)     INS Vikramaditya

e)     INS Kolkata

a)     Indigenously built stealth anti-submarine warship INS Kamorta was commissioned into the Navys Eastern Fleet.

b)     INS Kamorta is the first of the four Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) stealth warships designed by the Navys in-house organisation – Directorate of Naval Design.

c)     The ship is fitted with anti-submarine rockets, torpedoes and other weapons systems and an indigenous surveillance radar Revathi.


Archaeologists discover 8th Century inscription in Purulia village (Page 16)

a)     Ancient History

a)     Siddhamatrka scipt

b)     Inscription

c)     Calligraphic scripts

d)     Damodar river

a)     The inscription running into four lines was found from Dhuluri village on the corner of a long stretch of rock surface surrounded by dense vegetation and beyond the habited area of the village.

b)     The rock is located in the Saturi block of the district on the banks of a local stream emerging from the Damodar.

c)     A study of the Characteristic features of the inscription suggests that the short quotation is carved in an unusual and extremely calligraphic Siddhamatrka script.

d)     The only other example of such an inscription is related to the 6th century and found in the Sushnia hills in adjoining Bankura district.


Now, rice bucket challenge goes viral (Page 16)

a)     Social issue

b)     Health

a)     ALS

b)     Poverty

a)     An Indian woman has come up with the rice bucket challenge on face book to show a way to potential donors who want to help the poor.

b)     The ice-bucket challenge is designated to raise awareness about ALS, a progressive neuro-degenerative disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.



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