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Japan to invest R.s. 2.1 lakh crore in India projects over 5 years (Pages 1 and 10)

a)     I.R

a)     Indo – Japan relations

b)     India, Japan and US trilateral ties

c)     India-Japan Investment Promotion Partnership

d)     NSG

a)  Japan committed to invest Rs. 2.1 lakh crore in a wide spectrum of projects in India over five years. These include infrastructure, clean energy and skill development.

b)    The two nations also decided to double the number of Japanese companies operating in India in five years.

c)    The Japanese leader expressed his readiness to provide financial, technical and operational support to introduce the bullet train along the Ahmedabad-Mumbai route.

d)    On energy cooperation, the two countries decided to cooperate in the procurement of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and upstream development of oil and gas as well as clean coal technology.

e)    As India and Japan look to space cooperation, Tokyo lifted six of Indias space and defence-related entities from its foreign end-user list.

f)    Japan also supported Indias entry as a full member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

g)    India and Japan will explore with the United States the possibility of raising their joint secretary-level trilateral dialogue to the level of foreign ministers.


Chinese plans to link Tibet on track (Pages 1 and 10)

a)     International

a)     Tibet issue

b)    Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR)

c)     Chinese projects in Tibet

d)     Chinese mission 2020

a)    Chinas railway plans for Tibet are on track with two new rail lines going west and east from Lhasa. The railway line from Beijing to Lhasa began seven years ago.

b)    The extended lines from Lhasa to Shigatse on the west and to Nyingchi in the east will effectively link Tibet to India, Nepal and Bhutan.

c)     These are part of the Chinese governments mission 2020 for infrastructure in Tibet.

d)     Environmental activists are concerned about its impact and given the major tunnelling through mountains, they said glaciers in Tibet had shrunk 15 per cent since 1980.


PM warns against forces of expansion (Page 10)

a)     International

a)     Indias disputes with neighbours

b)     South China Sea

c)     Arunachal Pradesh border issue

d)     LOC

e)     Expansionism

f)     Developmentalism

a)    Modi said that the world was divided into two streams of expansionism and developmentalism.

b)     Without naming any specific country, he referred to invasion on nations, their takeover and entry into seas.

c)     He said those who walk the path of the Buddha believe in the path of developmentalism that guarantees peace and progress. But all around us the world is looking like the 18th century and we see expansionism.


Current account deficit narrows (Page 12)

a)     Economy

a)     Current account deficit

b)     GDP

c)     Balance of Payments

d)     FDI

e)     Fiscal deficit

a)     Indias current account deficit decreased sharply to $7.8 billion (1.7 per cent of GDP) in the first quarter of 2014-15 from $21.8 billion in the previous period.

b)     RBI said that this was primarily on account of a contraction in trade deficit contributed by both a rise in exports and a decline in imports.


Looking beyond 2015 (Page 8)

a)     International

b)     Social issue

a)     UN Millennium Development Goals 2015

b)     UN Sustainable development goals

c)     Census of India 2011

d)     Poverty index

a)    United Nations Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals is based on the less  progress achieved on the 2015 Millennium Development Goals especially with regard to reducing extreme poverty five years ahead of the stated deadline.

b)    In 2010, the world met the MDG target on potable water as measured by access to improved sources of drinking water. But the target with respect to sanitation was not realised.

c)     OWG had 17 objectives and 169 specific targets as compared with the eight goals of MDGs may significant only in quantitative terms.

d)    The OWG postulates a reduction by half of the proportion of men, women and children of all age groups living in poverty in all its dimensions. The target is to ensure that nobody lives longer on the equivalent of less than $1.25 per day by 2030.

e)    The new important goals are concerning food security, life-long learning opportunities for all, universal social protection with a minimum floor level, and flexible infrastructure.

f)    The currently dominant theme of economic growth has been attached to the promotion of sustainable patterns of production and consumption as well as the generation of full employment and dignified work.


Solid start on procurement (Page 8)

a)     S&T

b)     Defence

a)     Defence Acquisition Council (DAC)

b)     DRDO

c)     Advanced Light Helicopter

d)     European Eurocopter

e)     Russian Kamov

f)     Javelin missiles

g)    Indo – US defence ties

a)    A push to produce domestically advanced weaponry was made by the decision to remove the tendering process for the import of 197 light utility helicopters, eliminating the European Eurocopter and the Russian Kamov from dispute. 

b)    Instead of looking for foreign suppliers, the DAC decided to go for 400 indigenously manufactured helicopters, which would become the lifeline for troops deployed on harsh border territory.

c)    Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. is producing the Advanced Light Helicopter gaining experience that would be useful in the new undertaking.

d)    The joint production of Javelin missiles will be on the agenda of Indo-U.S. defence ties.


Rice bucket challenge pioneer gets UN award (Page 7)

a)     Social issue

a)     Social initiative programmes

b)     Rice bucket challenge

c)     ALS ice bucket challenge

d)     Karmaveer Chakra

a)    Manjulatha Kalanidhi, a Hyderabad resident who initiated the rice bucket challenge has been honoured with the Karmaveer Chakra Award and the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship by iCONGO.

b)      iCONGO is an international confederation of NGOs and the United Nations.

c)    The awards are given for doing something small, yet significant and to make a difference in the world.

d)     The rice bucket challenge based on the ALS ice bucket challenge.


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