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Germanys great green gamble (Page 9)

a)     I.R

a)     India – Germany energy ties

b)     Planning commission

c)     Solar energy

d)     Wind energy

e)     GDP

a)    About 30 percent of Germanys electricity supply comes from solar and wind energy and the country is actually exporting power. The goal is to increase this contribution to 50 percent by 2030 and a staggering 80 per cent by 2050.

b)     At present, Germany has around 37,000 megawatts of installed solar energy capacity.

c)      At present, wind energy capacity in India is close to 22,000 megawatts and solar amounts to another 2,650 megawatts or so.

d)     In April 2014, the Planning Commissions expert group on low carbon strategies for inclusive growth had released its final report that suggested that by 2030, the share of solar, wind and biomass in electricity supply be tripled to around 18 per cent.

e)     The main difference with Germany is that in 2030, Indias energy supply basket is projected to have an 8 percent contribution from nuclear energy as well.

f)     Instead of say 8 percent growth rate, we will end up having a 7.85-7.90 percent growth rate. India is ready for another 4G revolution (great green growth gamble).


No legal bar on States designating official language (Page 11)

a)     National

b)     Polity

a)     Articles 345

b)     Articles 347

c)     CJI

d)     Constitution

e)     State legislature

a)     A Constitution Bench headed by CJI held that a State Legislatures power to declare a language in use in the State as official language is not controlled by Article 347 of the Constitution.

b)     The court interpreted that Articles 345 and 347 advised two different and independent processes for making a widely-used language in a State official and both are not limited by the other.

c)     Article 345 of the Constitution says the Legislature of a State may by law adopt any one or more of the languages in use in the State or Hindi as the language or languages to be used for all or any of the official purposes of that State.

d)     The judgment said that the purpose of using Hindi separately in Article 345 is to facilitate adoption of Hindi across the States whether Hindi is in use or not in a particular State.


BRICS Bank not aimed at Challenging IMF, WB (Page 11)

a)     International

b)     Economy

a)     BRICS Bank

b)     IMF

c)     World Bank

d)     Currency Reserve Arrangement

a)     RBI Governor said that the move to establish BRICS Bank is not to challenge the existing multilateral financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank.

b)     The BRICS Bank is meant to risk capital to long term projects.

c)    The announcement of a $100 billion Currency Reserve Arrangement that will help countries to deal with short-term liquidity pressures was made on July 15 at the conclusion of the 6th BRICS Summit in Brazil.

d)     India will hold the Presidency of the bank for the first six years. The New Development Bank to be based in Shanghai, will become operational in about two years.


Overseas investments under scanner (Page 11)

a)     National

a)     SIT

b)     Financial Intelligence Unit 

a)     All transactions relating to assets abroad have been put through strict scrutiny by law enforcement agencies and regulating bodies to detect illegal investments in line with the first set of recommendations by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money.

b)      The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which has access to all banking transactions is playing a key role in the coordinated action under the assistance of the SIT to check illegal outflow of funds.


UK keen on global fund to tackle climate change (Page 11)

a)     International

b)     Environment

a)     Green Climate Fund

b)     Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

c)     Global Apollo Programme

d)     GDP

a)     The British government is very eager to see the operationalising of the Green Climate Fund.

b)      UK special representative for Climate Change, who is visiting India said that the UK have created a fund of 0.7 percent of GDP for development aid and we have been spending that significantly, particularly in least developed countries.

c)     He said that we are ready to show our willingness on the GCF and we have done this by set up our own International Climate Fund and we have put £3.9 billion, which we have begun spending on exactly what India is asking for.

d)     The main purpose of his visit is to get India on board a proposal for a Global Apollo Programme to assist in technology transfer to the developing world. Among its objectives is a future where renewable energy is cheaper to produce for every country in the world by 2025.


India for non-discriminatory nuclear regime (Page 10)

a)     S&T

a)     Non-discriminatory nuclear regime

b)     NPT

c)     Civil nuclear agreement

d)     IAEA

e)     Atomic Energy Commission

a)      Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission ruled out India signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) since India is a strong supporter of the non-discriminatory nuclear regime.

b)    He said we cannot sign the NPT having been a strong supporter of the non-discriminatory nuclear regime.

c)    As already indicated at the time of India signing the civil nuclear agreement earlier, we are declaring certain facilities under the Separation Plan to come under the IAEA international safeguards agreement.

d)    He explained that India had already been receiving supplies of uranium from Areva of France, Russia and Kazakshtan. These supplies of uranium could be used in any of the safeguarded facilities in India.


Why does leprosy continue to afflict lakhs of people, SC asks govt. (Page 11)

a)     Health

a)     Leprosy

b)     Health initiatives schemes

c)     NRHM

a)     The Supreme Court has asked the government to explain why lakhs of people continue to be affected by leprosy and suffer social disgrace despite the cure being available since 1981.

b)     A petition seeking availability and administration of medicines to leprosy patients, especially pregnant women, at primary healthcare centres in a dignified manner.


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