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Interview Transcripts 22-05-2015

Interview of Mr.Rishant



Chairman: Chattar Singh, about 35 mins

1. Rishanth, What do you read?
Ans: I read from a wide variety of areas. Recently I have read autobiographies of Malala, Advani and books like Why Nations fail, Uncertain Glory

2. So what does Sen say?
Ans: Sir he says that while we are celebrating 8% growth rate there is not enough focus on redistribution.He says most social groups like SCs and STs, women are being left out of the 
growth process.He then talks about how inspite of having a plural media it is unrespresentative. He then proposes some solutions to deal with them

3. What solutions does he have about media?
Ans: He doesnt offer any solutions here.But he clearly puts the problem in perspective.In 2013 the National Media especially English Speaking News channels have dedicated only about 2% of time for rural affairs.He also says that the ownership pattern of these organisations reflect bias against women and other backward classes.Those sections which have access to social capital and economic capital are running the show.He says we have to tackle corporatisation of media as well.

4.So does he portraty a negative picture about India?
Ans: No Sir, there are some things which we should be extremely proud of. Our democracy which was able to hold the country together for 60 years given the scenario in our neighbourhood …( interrupts )

5.Okay you think we should be proud of a democracy?
Ans: Yes Sir

6.Okay let me tell you this. Our political parties are run by families, the civil services is a bureaucratic organisation and business are owned by families. Where is democracy here.( in a strong negative tone )
Ans: Sir inspite of our failures as you pointed out, we have fairly strong institutions which ensure checks and balances like judiciary, legislature and constitutional bodies.Oppressed classes who were left our earlier got a voice.The fact that a dalit could become CM in UP…( again interrupts )

7.Comeon individuals are not important in democracy.Just that Indira Gandhi became P.M doesnt mean women are empowered
Ans: Yes Sir, but these sections have got a voice now.When we consider the situation around us in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka we willl understand the importance of our democracy.Just because I speak a different language or I worship a different God I will not be persecuted in my country.And yes sir there are issues with our political system.We have to understand that our constitution makers were wise to impose a very modern system like democracy on a not so progressive society.It requires that we need to reform the systems all the time.Thats what the first generation like Nehru others did.We have to bring political reforms, economic reforms so that our democracy will mature and eventually we can become the best democracy in the world.

Okay Thank you.

From hereon I have shortened my answers while typing.I hope you understand.

M1. You have done Chemical Engineering.Why civil services now?

Ans: Mam I come from a very humble background.I could rise up in life I recieved the best education in IITs got a very good job and I felt it was my turn to pay it back. I tried doing it by helping financially people who dont have education and I also worked in an NGO.In this entire process I realised that civil services offer the best opportunity to creat an impact. So I quite my job and started preparing

M1.Okay tell me about railways.What problems what govt is doing
Ans: Operating ratio, modernisation, corporatisation, exploring PPP model, privatising non core operations..very lengthy answer

M1. What is govt doing
Ans: Budget stuff

M1.Are you aware of a senior citizens fund ….
Ans: I am sorry madam. ( I saw it in Indian Express but I forgot to read it further frown emoticon )

M1.Okay Thankyou

M2: So are you still employed?
Ans.No sir

M2: You left working long back?
Ans.Yes sir.But during my lean preparation phase I worked in NGOs.Like recently from Jan to April I worked in MVFoundation working for the cause of child labour.

M2.Where is this organisation?
Ans.Hyderabad Sir.

M2: Okay. Tell me about vipassana. How different is it from other types.
Ans: I have tried sudarshana kriya, isha kriya.But Vipassana is very deep etc.

M2.But how do you do it?
Ans: Observe oneself to understand nature.Happiness doesnt stay long, sadness doesnt stay long.We have to maintain detachment. ( explained elaborately ).

M2.Like a sanyasi?
Ans:Sir it is a very higher level and not possible for a grihasth

M2.Should we deploy army to counter LWE?
Ans: No Sir, they dont have idea about local topography and moreover it is a civilan problem.Using army will be counterproductive.Instead local Police should be used.We raise Grey Hounds to do this and were fairly succesful

M2. Ya but what about chattisgarh and Jharkhand?
Ans.There are issues with co ordination of police and gathering intelligence.But we are failing to address the development and justice angle to the problem.Hence the problem is persisting

M2.But in chattisgarh we have a camp or unit set up for special police?
Ans.Sir the Dandakaranya region is very difficult to deal with.It will take time.Unless we have local intelligence input we cant solve this problem.This will happen only when people trust us.Only when state can show that maoism is destruction where as government is construction we can not tackle this menace.

Thank you.

M3. The trouble maker.

M3. Sketching...what do you do
Ans. Learnt fairly recently and started doing landscapes

M3.What Robotics

M3.GST and issues
Ans. Answered

M3.Why opposition
Ans. Answered

M3.What was the original idea
Ans. revenue neutral blah blah

M3. Land acquistion bill
Ans. Told

M3.Why opposition
Ans. Answered

M3. What do you think
Ans. I think there is merit in consent being waivered.But removing SIA is bad.Unless we understand what are the impacts of the project how will we evaluate it.

M3.So you want this amended
Ans.Yes Sir.SIA with time limit.

M3.Problems with original bill.
Ans. Told

M3.In the current form do you think it is favouring corporates or farmers?
Ans.Sir without SIA i feel it is slightly tilted towards corporates.

M3.Okay.Thank you

M4. My angel

M4: What values should a civil servant possess?
Ans: Sir three core values 1. Integrity 2.Compasssion 3. Objectivity. Integrity cannot be trained in a short time.It should be nurtured. Unless civil servant possesses compassion he cant work for the opressed classes for whom the govt is needed the most. And objectivity is needed for efficient functioning of a civil servant.

M4. Do you think you have these? How?
Ans. Sir integrity has been a core value of my personality.Right from my childhood my mother taught me that character is the most important thing in life.You may make money loose money do big things in life, if you loose character then you are not worthy of human being.In fact values differentiates humans from animals. 
I have come from a very rural area.I have seen how people suffer because of lack of access to education, health and public services.I want to do something for them.

My engineering education has taught me to view a situation objectively and devise the most efficient solution.

Very satisfied.

M4.Okay tell me what is the view of bureaucracy outside?
Ans. Sir common man perceive it to be rigid, aloof and unemotional.

M4.Can you change this being a part of a system?
Ans.Yes Sir.If we have the will and commitment an individual can make a great difference. There are cases of officers who have done exceptional work and brought a change in this perception. I think it is very much doable.

M4. Okay I post you to a village where 90% are inefficient.How will you make them work.
Ans. I shall put targets at the start of an year. Review them every quarter. Their performance shall be evaluated on the basis of feedback of the people about the services they received.I will start this by leading by example that I am here to deliver and I shall deliver

M4.Will you use IT?
Ans.Yes sir. e governance will make it very efficient. IT can be used for citizen report cards where they can give their feedback about what problems they experienced. To decrease discretion e tendering can be adopted which shall bring in transparency in the system.

M4. Will you sustain this after 2 years into the service and deliver for 30 years
Ans. Yes sir.Given an opportunity I hope to do it.

M4.What if you don’t get IAS?
Ans. I will take up other services but will write again until I get into IAS.

Thank You

Chairman again.

Why Union interfering in state domain for acquisition.Land is a state subject

Ans. Sir acquisition is in concurrent list.

Tortured me for a while. I told it makes sense for Union to interfere.He says no.Eventually I say I am sorry Sir I am unable to recollect it correctly.

He laughs and says okay thank you.

It was a privilege talking to you sir and thank you for the opportunity.



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