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My Notes By RB sir 02-06-2015

June 02, 2015

China are looking at Kakinada through the prism of shenzhen

  1. Guizhou International investment corporation, China development Bank is planning to invest in kakinada and most of the east coast.
  2. Win win situation can be established where Indian IT majors will invest in cloud computing, big data.

Dare we begin to hope

  1. In India, american style of electioneering based on manipulation of public relations and media is growing.
  2. The loss of BJP in nine months in key elections in capital represents people preparedness to correct the past.
  3. The development model have systemically taken away the resources and oppourtunities away from the poor people of urban and rural India.
  4. In this process of development, urban middle class see their aspirations and future.
  5. Development made state an intermediary in land seizure for corporates,  surrendered it to highly mobile foreign capital and brought in the informalisation of the work force - this all created a corruption at more fundamental and structural level.
  6. The growing ideological polarity among political parties on development is a dangerous trend.

Separate lives

  1. The teething problems of seperation related to assets and sharing of resources is still continuing.
  2. The identity politics in telangana are deepening and it appears that the ruling elite from Andhra are occupied by the same from Hyderabad.
  3. Inspite of its roll back during movt, Hyderabad again becoming the destination for investments esp in Information technology is a good beginning.

Andhra Pradesh - Problems

  1. Too wide fiscal and revenue budget
  2. Lack of support from centre on budgetory assistance, special status.
  3. Lack of a capital of its own
  4. Centre is no mood for capital viable gap funding for Infrastructure projects in the area.
  5. Compeititive sops to employees along with cash rich Telangana state
  6. Excessive pre occupation with Hyderabad


Oakland Institute study

  1. The regime is reluctant to carry demilitarization of northern and eastern provinces
  2. The armed forces are still entrusted with the responsibility of maintenance of public order - police powers
  3. The sinhalisation of Tamil lands has been intensified since Eelam war IV
  4. War crimes , human rights violations, missing persons are the major hinderances to reconciliation.
  5. Militarisation - In northern and eastern provinces , there is a large scale presence of military and it is diversified in to commercial activity, education, tourism, policing- which have to be performed by the civilian Government.
  6. Military is still in the occupation of the land of those displaced.
  7. Devolution of powers to the provincial councils is not yet started.
  8. So, the need of the hour is a comprehensive demilitarisation plan.



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