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My Notes By RB sir 04-06-2015

India tops world Hunger list


  1. India, according to UN hunger report has the highest hungry people - around 194 million
  2. The FAO s - State of food insecurity in the world says that - East Asia has the highest reduction of hunger with china accounting for the most of reductions.
  3. According to the report, agricultural inestments, social protection, inclusive economic growth, political stability can eradicate hunger.


  1. Access to food increased in countries with inclusive economic growth - East asia and south east asia.
  2. Raising the productivity of family members can increase net incomes - ex - increasing the agricultural productivity by small holder family farmers
  3. The expansion of social protection - it helps those with fewer assets to boost their income and resilience. Ex -  food coupons, health insurance, school meals programme, cash transfers etc


Land acquisition bill

  1. Government is repeatedly resorting to ordinance route to take forward the land acquisition bill.;
  2. Sita ram yechury described this attitude of ordinance raj as absolutely untenable constitutionally in a democracy.

Under armed and under prepared


  1. India, because of its inadequate defence production, it is the world s largest importer  of arms today.
  2. DRDO - the research arm of India s defence failed to live to its role. Many of the projects were never commissioned, never finished on time and seriously flawed and lost relevance.
  3. In 2008, rama rao committee also recommended that, DRDO shall focus on 8-10 key critical projects of strategic importance.
  4. Domestic production capabilities will increase employment and other oppourtunities for development.
  5. India recently allowed for 49% of FDI in defence , may be a positive step. But, many of the foreign establishments ask for a majority control.
  6. Defence technology commission , set as a commercial establishment of DRDO to attract investments is yet to take place
  7. Make in India still needs a credible policy framework
  8. Naresh chandra committee recommended for National technology council headed by defence minister, to bring in greater integration of private, public sector in defence production.
  9. The bureaucracy in defence ministry shall be replaced through specialist administration.









Monsoon forecasting

Friday, June 5, 2015

8:31 PM

  1. Indian monsoon forecast is highly complicated and many time it is prone to inaccuracies.
  2. Recently, the Earth system science organisation and Indian meteorological department downgraded the forecast for the southwest monsoon.
  3. Going by history, in the last 12 years only 3 times the pre monsoon forecast went right.
  4. IMD is bringing in a new super computer Bhaskara driven model to improve the accuracy.
  5. Sky met weather services, a private forecaster gave normal monsoon prediction for 2015.
  6. The most Important for an Indian farmer is local weather prediction , rather than the general forecast of rainfall and is not available in India.



Link to Yojana July

  1. Is India  a monsoon economy?
  2. Monsoon and Food Inflation
  3. Weather forecasting system in India
  4. Monsoon mission
  5. El Nino - If the eastern end of the Indian ocean is cooler than the western end , than there is El-Niño effect.


Multilateral competent authority agreement



automatic exchange of financial account information-The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) based on common reporting standards (CRS), It would enable India to receive information from almost every country in the world including offshore financial centers and would be the key to prevent international tax evasion and avoidance.


It would be instrumental in getting information about assets of Indians held abroad including through entities in which Indians are beneficial owners. India, had already undertaken necessary legislative steps in Finance Act, 2014, to comply with the global norms for automatic exchange of information.



Special envoy on counter terror

  1. Asif Ibrahim, the Ex IB chief is appointed as prime Minister special envoy on counter terror- This appointment comes in the light of growing non state actors including Islamic state and its presence in our Neighborhood.
  2. This appointment is third in a row for IB personnel to get elevated in PMO. It is a deviation from the past where diplomats were given primacy.
  3. The National security advisory board is not yet reconstituted. It is expected the same will continue.



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