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My Notes By RB sir 05-06-2015


In Nepal, the politics of reconstruction

  1. In post disaster reconstruction effort, every political party wants to have a share and are recommending for a national Government .
  2. In the normal course of events , Nepali congress shall transver the power to CPN (United marxist leninst ) and its chairman KP oli.
  3. The demand of a national Government can be an oppourtunity to get all the parties on board to promulgate a constitution and to hold local elections. It proides for necessary constitutional stability to the reconstruction effort.
  4. It also increases the confidence of the international community to donate for reconstruction effort and an united face by all the political parties can have a positive outcome to the country in the upcoming pledge conference.

Maggie issue

  1. Many states banned Maggie from sale after reportedly higher levels of Lead and monosodium glutamate.
  2. Food safety and standards at , 2006 objective is to ensure safe and wholesome food for human consumption. The act also requires the states to deploy an effective enforcement mechanism.
  3. The food safety and standards authority of India is the regulator for food safety. Lack of pro active vigilance and effective machinery is the major challenge.  Inspite of changing times it still functions as an old inspector Raj rather than as a body meant to protect the consumer interests.
  4. In India, the regulators that are genuinely independent, properly staffed by expert personnel, able legislation with global standards are able to perform well. FSSAI comes no way close to these standards.


Celebrities issue

  1. says that no advt shall be made of any food which is misleading, deceiving or contravenes the provisions pf the act. Here the difference is commissioning the advt or its actual making. In the latter case , a brand ambassador plays a part.


An inappropriate appointment

  1. NHRC, an independant statutory body and its objective is to protect the citizens against the illegal use of force by the state, It mean that the institution shall be able to stand to the Government of the day to take hard decisions against the Government.
  2. The independence of people to be appointed as the chairman and members of the commission is absolutely important to maintain its functional integrity.
  3. The head of the commisison need to be an ex CJI and the purpose of this qualification is centered around the need to maintain independence, dignity of the office.
  4. Justice sadasivan being taken up the position as the governor of kerala, a position seen as a poilitical office based on its functioning, if appointed as the governor, his ability to maintain the independence of NHRC may be compromised. So, a powerful Government has to be balanced by the powerful institutions manned by people of unquestionable integrity. Serving as governor of a state by a retd chief justice might not have served the right purpose and can be a bad precedent.



Beijing for code of conduct at border


  1. Prime minister modi during his china visit requested for a resumption of the process for the clarification on LOAC stalled in 2005
  2. Chinese side is in favour of elaboration of code of conduct along the border - no country shall follow a trail patrol on the areas where there is no clarity on LOAC. In a doubtful situation , there is a right o seek clarification from other side.




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