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My Notes By RB sir 06-06-2015

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Warm contact , lukewarm outcomes

  1. The major fault lines between India and China in recent times are
  2. LAC 
  3. b) across the sub-continent
  4. South china sea

The chumar incident across LOAC cast its shadow during Mr. Xi Jingping visit to India in Sep 2014.


Across the sub-continent, Chinese submarines in Indian ocean, Chinese projects in POK under CPEC, (Havelian-Thakot highway), Modis visit to Island oceans Seychelles, Mauritius, srilanka which are largely projected as countering china.


On South china sea, India s active engagement and tilt towards Japan, USA, discussions with Vietnam during the Vietnam Prime minister visit in October 2014 sent strong signals to china.


People to people contacts - The all-pervasive engagement raised the people to people contacts


Unresolved issues


Political front

Boundary question - The foundation was laid through


  1. PV Narasimha rao Government  - agreement on maintenance of peace and tranquility along the LOAC in India - China border areas - 1993
  2. Vajpayee era - Declaration on principles for relations and comprehensive cooperation between republic of India and peoples republic of china  - 2003
  3. MM Singh Government - Border defence cooperation agreement - 2013


Prime minister Modi though insisted on Clarifications from China on LAC , no positive result has come out. The special representative level talks to resolve the boundary issue permanently is still the mechanism in place.


Stapled Visa - They are still continued for Citizens of India from Arunachala Pradesh.

Hydrological data - Information sharing is confined to flood sharing and emergencies

Terrorists - It is an important development where joint statement declared agreeing on disruption of terror networks and their financing and stop cross border movement of terrorists in accordance with international and UN laws. It is mentioned for first time in joint statement. But, the Chinese technical hold on declaring salahuddin as a global terrorist in UN under 1267 committee is not in right direction.

State to state relations - The major improvement is engagement at sub national level between the state govts.


Economic front -

26 MoU s were signed worth of $22bn and most of them are related in private sector and when, how they will be realised is still uncertain.

The trade deficit still looms large at $48 bn.






  1. In India, since 1976, more than 9 times the rainfall has dropped by more than 10% only twice it has effected production. It means, the geographical distribution of rainfall and timing are more important than quantum of rainfall.
  2. Analysis shows that food management is more a problem than production.
  3. Rather than short term mitigation plan, a long term integrated plan on development of irrigation plan and optimization of ground water potential are necessary.


Manipur ambush

  1. The recent killing of 20 army personnel in an ambush exposes the weaknesses of Indian strategy in fight against insurgency in North east.
  2. The lack of coordination between ministry of home and defence, lack f clear engagement from Myanmar are the major reasons for these outfits to still continue.


The membership mantra of BJP

  1. The major objective appears to have a registry of data and information of all voters to mobilize them to polling booths during elections.
  2. There are many floating voters in every constituency who determine the outcome of a result.


Who rules cyberspace and its implications?


Changing power due to networks

  1. Internet is becoming closely associated with social power and control in all areas. Whoever has control over this has unlimited social, economic and political power.
  2. The connectivity architecture, big data are the two aspects of information world that determine future power architecture. The phenomenon of digitization, networking and datafication will determine the nature of consolidation of power.
  3. Every sector is impacted. Agriculture to health to education. Policy making and governance are dangerously dependent on big data. In future, Network controllers will control every sector.

Who controls them?

  1. The control levers of this global network-digital complex are concentrated in the USA. The new architecture of social power is also greatly relates to freedom of expression and security.
  2. The engagement in this area is dominated by middle class, where the orientation is against the state regulation and in favor to the free markets. They consider free markets as source of oppourtunities and inherently benign.

What are India s options are?

  1. EU is also similarly placed like any other regarding US hegemony on internet is concerned.

Recently, economic ministers of Germany and France sought a general regulatory framework for essential digital platforms at the EU level.

  1. BRICS is another platform, where we can generate a cooperation on digital economy.
  2. As Internet and big data involves questions over sovergnity, economic might, it requires a real politik approaches.


 Maggie issue

  1. Many states banned Maggie from sale after reportedly higher levels of Lead and monosodium glutamate.
  2. Food safety and standards at , 2006 objective is to ensure safe and wholesome food for human consumption. The act also requires the states to deploy an effective enforcement mechanism.
  3. The food safety and standards authority of India is the regulator for food safety. Lack of pro active vigilance and effective machinery is the major challenge.  Inspite of changing times it still functions as an old inspector Raj rather than as a body meant to protect the consumer interests.
  4. In India, the regulators that are genuinely independent, properly staffed by expert personnel, able legislation with global standards are able to perform well. FSSAI comes no way close to these standards.


Celebrities issue

  1. says that no advt shall be made of any food which is misleading, deceiving or contravenes the provisions pf the act. Here the difference is commissioning the advt or its actual making. In the latter case , a brand ambassador plays a part.







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