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My notes 08-06-2015

08 June 2015


What does it mean to belong?

Belonging  - It has two dimensions for its interpretation.

A positive sense of well being and a competitive sense of possession.

In a  positive sense it indicates an affective side of identification. It involves social and cultural practice of belonging.

In an other sense, it is a possessive authority that demands one comply with rules and hierarchies of the community.

At national level, common set of symbols such as anthems, flags, songs etc are to reinforce oursense of belonging.

Idea of family, community, caste we can see these both dimensions of belonging.


Prime Minister Modis visit to Bangladesh


Teesta river water - The issue will be resolved as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, interim arrangements on at least two rivers - Teesta and Feni are under consideration.

Tipaimukh HEPP - The present construction of the dam will not be taken forward in its present form.

Interlinking of river waters - The earlier position of India is reiterated i.e., it will not initiate any unilateral decision on the Himalayan component of their river interlinking project which may affect Bangladesh.

Power - Palatana project will be operational and 100 MW of power will go to Bangladesh. The overall supply will be augmented top 500 to 1000MW. India will receive power from its NE states through lines from Bangladesh to North India.

Connectivity - India will get access to NE states through Bangladesh and Bangladesh will have access to Nepal and Bhutan.

Water ways - Bangladesh shipping industry will gain from an agreement on waterways connectivity.

Credit line - India will provide a second credit line of $2bn to the neighboring country.

Trade - remove all barriers to ensure unfettered bilateral trade to narrow the trade balance.


Fight against black money

The statute is structured in a way that will ensure punishment for black money hoarders once they are detected or admitted for amnesty, but has no provisions on how to bring back the money itself.


John Nash – Nash equilibrium basis for Game theory.


         08 June 2015


In the digital era, various established practices of journalism are getting challenged.

Citizen journalism, social media has increased their scope and brought in new challenges and oppourtunities.

Creation of standards for user generated content and how t maintain the editorial content were the issues.

So, it is been famously said that the journalism is at intersection between a social, democratic purpose and the market.

So, to maintain the independence of the media, acts of journalism should be shielded from targeted surveillance, data retention.

National security, anti-terrorism related legislations, pressure on third party intermediaries such as ISP, google etc., compulsory data retention directives etc. are eroding these freedoms.

The source protection has its legal foundation in right to expression, right to privacy and they need to be retained.




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