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My notes 09-06-2015

09 June 2015

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Failure of the systems

  1. Lack of fool proof anti defection law - The power of disqualification shall be removed from speaker and  shall be given for election commisison.
  2. Inefficient justice delivery system
  3. Improper procedures and safeguards in the division of states
  4. Collapse of value based politics.
  5. Attention to vote banks

Net effect - Investment flow in both states is bound to decrease


June 9, 2015

India - japan - Australia forum not anti china

  1. Peter verghese, australias diplomat has said that Chinas reclamation in south china sea is a cause of concern.
  2. Though india , did not specficially react to reclamation, it also mentioned on freedom of movement on high seas.
  3. Inspite of some points common to them, the high level talks between these countries are not directed against china, but just to improve the bilateral cooperation.

Will the veena gently weep


  1. The Geographical Indications of Goods ( registration and protection) act 1999 provides for the registration , protection against infringement and also protection for authorised users.
  2. Ancient culture of India, age old practices , diversity of regions, different climatic patterns have created a large pool of distinctive products in India.
  3. Loss of livelihoods and traditional knowledge - Many of the groups who make living out of traditional knowledge are still poor and marginalised. Due to lack of support, markets, decreased availability of raw material they are facing a slow death. It is setting in a vicious cycle of loss of skill  and finally  loss of art. Thanjavur veena, nadashwaram of narsingampettai all are losing because of loss of the sources of raw material.
  4. Lack of awareness - GI can provide for a protection for these traditional knowledge, but, lack of awareness is a major challenge. For instance , Muga silk though registered as a GI in 2007, only 2 persons applied as its authorised users till 2014. The Government has announced USTTAD - upgrading the skills and training in traditional arts/crafts for development in varanasi to protect the weavers. It is a step in the right direction.
  5. Legal gaps - there are certain gray areas -  when the GI is made in another area by the original craftsmen, will they be entitled to retain the indication??


from slums to neighborhoods

Urban housing

  1. In India, urban housing is one neglected sector - There are more than 17 million houses are to be created to meet the needs of poor.
  2. The Government, private sector, people cooperatives are all involved in the creation of these units and every one are having their limitations.
  3. Government  has inefficiencies and falling behind the deadline and the units created are inadequate.
  4. Private sector cannot operate in the low profitable areas - i.e, in the range of 5-10 lakh rupees where poor can afford. So, it can confine its operations only to middle and upper classes. In some metropolis, slum rehabilitation schemes are launched . It provided for an opportunity to plan buildings vertically and to use the land efficiently. It may not be possible in all urban areas.
  5. Most of the houses in slum areas are made by the people themselves- Their capacities are minimal and houses they made for themselves are inadequate and vulnerable. They do not enjoy necessary legal permissions.
  6. In the existing circumstances, the best choice ahead is to upgrade the existing houses of slum dwellers and providing oppourtunities for private operators to invest in public housing with necessary support from Government.

Indian constitution

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

3:34 PM

09 June 2015

India s deceptive constitution


  1. Indian supreme court can strike down or set aside a constitutional amendments, it has no power to repeal them. It means many ineffective provisions remain in the constitution.
  2. It means that, there will be a gap between text and practice. In that context, the advantage of a codified constitution to generate awareness about the process of the Government is lost.
  3. For example, If NJAC amendment replacing the existing system is declared as null and void by the court, than NJAC provisions still lay in the constitution with out any effect in practice. Another example, art 368 provides for the parliament an unlimited power to amend the constitution and Supreme court judgement in Keshavananda bharathi case and limitation imposed in the form of basic structure of constitution are followed in practice.
  4. Indian constitution evolved over times to suit itself to the modern life which is absent in many constitutions across the world. It also raised the scope for deception.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

3:51 PM

The issues

  1. Regulations in India - Mining giant of australia rio tinto is facing legal hurdles after odisha Government scrapped a joint venture with it. It is creating uncertainity and unpredictability.
  2. Nuclear deal - Australia is still insisting on special reporting to Australia on Australia originated nuclear material, as per its laws. India, clearly stated that it will report only as per the prscribed mechanisms of IAEA.

Turkey elections

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

3:56 PM

  1. Erdogans AKP loses majority
  2. Turkey has a proportional representation election system.
  3. The Kurdish party HDP crossed the requisite 10% mandatory vote and secured 80 seats.
  4. An Hung legislature is the final outcome and out throwing of AKP is seen as people rejection of constitutional changes initiated by erdogan , where he tried to change the Government from parliamentary to presidential form.





Micro finance

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

3:59 PM

MUDRA bank

MFIN - Micro finance institutions network - a self-regulatory body


Challenges -

Responsible lending and processes

Improving Fund flows




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