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My notes 17-06-2015

Dear students, new batch is starting today. feel energetic and enthusiastic to spend time with them. 








Thursday, June 18, 2015

6:07 AM


  1. These are the second most widely occurring particles in the universe after photons.
  2. They are as old as universe itself.
  3. They have feeble mass and no charge and hence travels though the matter without any interaction.
  4. They hide with them the vast pool of knowledge.



  1. Remote monitoring of nuclear reactors and can decrease the pilferage.
  2. Understanding of mineral and oil deposits deep in the earth.
  3. Early warning systems against earthquakes.
  4. Data transmission
  5. Understanding of evolution of universe - mysteries of dark matter.



  1. Factory made neutrinos - Neutrinos are fundamental particles, there is no natural and an artificial aspect to them.

Engineering education in India

  1. Education in India is seen as a way towards mobility, better life. This gets strengthen, as middle class grows in a society.
  2. Most of the entrants, coming to IITs are influenced by this better life and other social pressures rather than driven pure interest and choice. In this context, the number of people continuing in basic technology and other research are decreasing. It is taking away the IITs, acronym the temples of education/technology. In this context, we can suggest following
  3. Relevance - redefining the role of IITS by asking the socially relevant questions.
  4. Entrance -
  5. Education - practice shall be more emphasised than Theory. Rael world technologies and their operations in relation to economy and society shall be emphasised.
  6. Societal integration - IITs shall be transformed in to living laboratories in the area where they are.
  7. Autonomy - IIT s shall be given the necessary autonomy and freedom to design course and curriculum.


Sex Ratio

Coming south in search of a Bride

  1. The skewed sex ratio in Haryana, led them to the search of bride in far distant south, east and north.
  2. Generally poor families, where families are desperate to find a good marriage to give a happy life are coming in to these marriage alliances.
  3. Cultural shock, hegemonic, paternalistic society, discrimination, deceit and other challenges make most of these marriages to end in violence.





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