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My notes 18-06-2015

18 June 2015

Trade numbers for May

  1. Trade deficit reduced with decreased oil prices. On the negative side, exports of India also dropped due to shrinkage in demand in west.
  2. The depreciation of rupee also did not provide necessary boost to the exports.
  3. The luxury of low oil prices , how long it will remain is in question with looming crisis in west Asia.
  4. The positive side of the depreciating currency is flow of remittances has increased to India and India is the largest remittance receiving country today.
  5. RBI, by buying the dollars in the open market, also trying to insulate the economy from adverse fall out, if oil prices rise.
  6. If USA increases the interest rates, it may lead to pull out of the foreign funds from Indian market and can create a crisis situation.

Street vendors


It lays down four fundamental provisions

  1. Conducting a survey to identify of all existing hawkers
  2. Giving vendor certificates to every street vendor
  3. Demarcation of vending and non-vending zones and hawkers shall be confined to vending zones
  4. No evictions shall be done till survey is conducted

Role of Town vending committees

  1. TVC is headed by Municipal commissioner and it consists of representatives of street vendor, traffic police, RWA etc.
  2. The person intending to undertake street vending needs to register with the town vending committee. It will issue the vending certificate

Schemes and plans

  1. State Government shall frame a scheme for street vendors, the local authority shall prepare the street vending plan once in five year.


  1. TVC shall be the decision making body, but, local authority became decision making body with TVC becoming a consultant.
  2. Middle class sees them as obstructionist to the peaceful city life.
  3. Police try to control them with rules of their own. Ex - food shall not be cooked on road, benches shall not be used etc.


Refugee crisis

Report of amnesty international

Global refugee crisis - A concept of neglect - according to the report, it is the shameful failure of the international community,

The refugee crisis is due to

  1. Increasing failing states in west Asia and Africa
  2. Persecution of vulnerable communities


  1. Increasing humanitarian crisis in neighboring states
  2. UNHCR is not sufficiently financed to deal with these situations
  3. West is not very active in welcoming these refugees.

Conclusions - Not just the geopolitical calculations but moral, humanitarian conviction shall drive the solutions to these crisis situations.



1)      In the realm of urban planning, he is particularly noted for his sensitivity to the needs of the urban poor and for his use of traditional methods and materials.

2)     Correa’s early work combined traditional architectural values—i.e., the colonial bungalow, traditional symmetrical space—with the Modernist use of materials exemplified by figures such as Le CorbusierLouis I. Kahn, and Buckminster Fuller. In particular, Correa was influenced by Le Corbusier’s use of striking concrete forms. The importance of the site was a constant in Correa’s approach. 


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