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My notes 22-06-2015

June 22, 2015


Muscle flexing that may back fire


  1. The attack on Indian armed forces at Manipur is a clear indication of failure of Intelligence.
  2. The post hot pursuit response also appears inappropriate, and in these special operations Government shall retain Plausible deniability - to respond to international opposition if anything arises.
  3. The cooperation that might be obtained from a neighbor may be lost with unnecessary political scoring following the action.
  4. Unnecessary provocation aimed at Pakistan, will disturb the peace and will harden the stand of other side. Already Pakistan made disproportionate response as its official army doctrine.
  5. Pakistan s response to nonexistent India s cold start doctrine is to deploy tactical nuclear weapons.
  6. Pre emptive strikes, which is a part of USA and Israel doctrine may not be suitable for India at this situation.
  7. So, the well thought out strategic restraint has to continue.


June 22

Hong Kong needs balance

  1. According to the Hong Kong basic law adopted by the china 1990, Chief executive will be elected by universal suffrage from 2017. But, a committee would supervise the nominations.
  2. During British era, governors are appointed from London, Now, chief executive is elected by a 1200 member committee of Hong Kong elite.
  3. China, now proposed for an open election, but, from a list of pre-approved candidates by China.
  4. Protestors in Hong Kong say, it is just another means for China to retain control. They want an election, which is completely free from Beijing s involvement.
  5. CHINA offered a democracy to Hong Kong under one country, two systems principle. Will china allow undermining of its authority in Hong Kong is a major question?


India must look beyond Neutrinos

  1. The impact of spin offs from big research is always exaggerated.
  2. Research spurs the economic growth is also not an established correlation.
  3. Technology have always been mobile in their economic impact.
  4. In India, spending on big science is at the cost of research in our universities. So, public resources need to be allocated more fairly for universities.




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