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My notes 24-06-2015

24 June 2015


China blocks India s request on Lakhvi


  1. China blocked the India s request to UN security council sanctions committee seeking Pakistan clarification on release of Lakhvi- mastermind in 26/11 attacks.
  2. India s argument is freeing of Lakhvi  has violated the UN resolution 1267 that deals with designated entities and individuals with links to al Qaeda and it has listed Lakhvi since dec10, 2008.

The Taliban challenge in Afghanistan

  1. The Taliban recent attack on afghan parliament shows that it still retains the capabilities to fight, to gain control over Government in Afghanistan. The withdrawal of foreign troops, lack of proper training to afghan troops made situation much worse.
  2. The Taliban experience shows that insurgency cannot be alone fought through military means. Strengthening of institutions and development are equally important. In the later part, US led troops have miserably failed.
  3. Now, the state shall establish itself as a credible , service delivering, security providing institution to gain the trust of the people. But, the authority of the state in Afghanistan do not go beyond Kabul. However, in the complexities of tribal conflicts, central Asian complex theatre , expecting immediate results is also difficult.
  4. But, the returning of Taliban to power in Afghanistan will push it to middle ages again and is a grave security threat to India.

food act - failures in Implementation


  1. The National food security act is diluted by the present Government by following means
  2. The act specifies within one year of enactment, the law shall be implemented. Counter to this, the states has got repeated extensions.
  3. The major reason being, states did not identify the beneficiaries. The 2011 census, that has to be the basis for identification is not yet made public.
  4. Budget cuts - The various programs that were brought under NFSA, has got budget cuts. The ICDS has got 50% cut, Midday meal to an extent of 4000cr and got is planning to phase out Antyodaya Anna yojana.
  5. The PDS (control order) has many provisions that go against food security in the country.
  6. It will not register any new beneficiaries under AAY.
  7. It freezes the access to entitlements to census figures, rather than annual estimations.
  8. Citizenship is a compulsory criteria to access the entitlements.
  9. Chhattisgarh considered as ideal in implementation of PDS, it is phasing out the pulses in non-tribal districts.
  10. It appears, the welfare architecture in the country is going to take a back seat under the present regime.

The e- payment way

  1. India is a highly cash dependent economy. In India, cash to GDP ratio is around 13%, where the global average is around 2.5-8%.
  2. This is the major reasons for corruption and black money.
  3. It is also increasing the cost of management of entire economy. Replacement of notes, fake currency is becoming a menace.
  4. But, the existing system that imposes costs on electronic transactions is decreasing the business to resort to them. Government s plan to incentivize the card / electronic transactions will pay dividends in the long run.


Reasons for growth of IS


  1. People from all walks of life are getting attracted towards IS. It includes educated, well settled, house wives, students etc. Than, the reason of poverty and alienation from the society do not explain this radicalization.
  2. IS vision of restoring Islam to its glory, pull of religion, belief righteousness of cause , part of Islamic duty , preaching s on threat to Islam are the major driving forces.
  3. So, anti radicalization strategy will have to emphasize on religious counter narrative. If it comes from religious leaders, than it be effective.
  4. Added to this, the sectarian violence in west Asia took primacy after arrival of Islamic State putting back global anti west campaign. So, conspiracy theories that IS is a creation of CIA are also growing.


India resetting ties with Iran.


  1. Connectivity - INSTC - International north south transport corridor to connect to central Asia and Russia. INSTC will connect Nhavasheva to Bandar Abbas in Iran to Astrakhan in Russia and ends in Baku in Azerbaijan.
  2. Chahbahar port - connectivity to Afghanistan.












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