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My notes 25-06-2015

Counter argument - Foreign Service shall remain elitist

  1. The shared partnership between academician, think tank and Government may not work. It may destroy the identity of each. Allowing them to develop each other in their own sphere, will provide fresh thoughts and inputs. They will fail to fit in to bureaucracy with its hierarchical and political milieu.
  2. Expansion of diplomatic corps shall be based on right mix of need and affordability. Size of the service shall improve without compromising on efficiency. Already, many specialized areas of diplomacy, trade, climate change, space have officers from their respective departments.
  3. Training shall be constantly revamped to equip officers to deal with different regions. Tough assignments need to be incentivized. HQ has a shortage of officers and need to be addressed.
  4. Policy planning division and its role is overemphasized. In foreign affairs territorial policies are undertaken. It can be best done by practically relevant IFS officers. If necessary, experience and wisdom of outsiders can be borrowed without absorbing them in to bureaucracy.



  1. The factor of leadership - authoritarian, single minded purpose , little respect and patience for dissent, megalomania and paranoia are the virtues of all leaders turned authoritarian. Indira, czar Nicholas 1 are the two examples.
  2. Indira Gandhi, in India during emergency turned government in to power machine , with elaborate practices to create a police state. Liberties and freedom of expression is curtailed with censorship on media. It made the people also the need to protect the same.
  3. Surprisingly, the discipline the authoritarianism brings in is welcomed by the middle class.
  4. On the positive side, emergency made poverty central to our discussion. National security is made a matter of every ones concern rather than just military.
  5. The existing rhetoric of Hindutva, growing illiberalism remind us of the same. The emphasis on Yoga , which was confined to familial circles till date given a grand show on raj path. It may strengthen divisiveness in the society.

RS TV on Yoga day

  1. RS tv was criticized for not giving primacy to Yoga exercise on raj path by BJP and RSS elements.
  2. RS tv is not a mouth piece of the Government, and it functions under the legislature. It reports to the chairman of RS, that is vice president of India.
  3. It is in spirit with the separation of powers and expenditure on RS tv, if its enlightenment on various policy issues and educative role is considered, the budget on it is well spent.

UNCTAD - world investment report

  1. INDIA - India jumped to the ninth rank in 2014 with a 22 per cent rise in FDI in- flows to $34 billion. India was at the 15th position in the previous two years.
  2. In a development of significance to India, for the first time FDI inflows in to China’s services sector were greater than into its manufacturing sector.
  3. India, however, is the only BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) country that hasn’t yet crossed the $50 billion-a-year FDI mark.
  4. China - China became the largest recipient of FDI in 2014 with $129 billion inflows, followed by Hong Kong (China) that received $103 billion and the U.S. with $92 billion. At 39 per cent, Hong Kong saw the biggest surge in inflows during the year.
  5. Global scenario - Russia dropped out of the top 10 as foreign investors exited its oil sector and other projects after Western countries slapped economic sanctions on it. Among the top 10 FDI recipients in the world, half are developing economies - Brazil, China, Hong Kong (China), India and Singapore.
  6. Global FDI fell 16 per cent to $1.23 trillion in 2014 mainly due to the fragility of the global economy, policy uncertainty for investors and elevated geopolitical risks, according to the report.
  7. Tax evasion - The report also found that developing countries lost $100 billion in tax revenues owing to investors routing FDI through tax havens such as Mauritius, and has made a strong case for multilateral action to address the issue.
  8. The report records the big surge in investments from China into every region of the world, and especially in India’s neighbourhood.








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