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My notes 27-06-2015

Baseline profitability Index


  1. It is based on three factors
  2. Generation of a return - Growth of asset value
  3. Erosion of return - preservation of value while the asset is owned
  4. Repatriation of return - ease of bringing home the proceeds from selling the asset

The objective is to understand how local factors affect the business in common across the countries. It took the corruption perception index of transparency international, Investor protection index compiled by world bank.

India is placed in number one position for 2015 . The major reason is good projection of growth, investor friendly initiatives and decreased corruption


Gay rights in USA - Supreme court judgement on Gay rights

  1. Supreme court of USA in obergefell vs Hodges case, adjudged the right to marriage equality is enshrined under the constitution equal protection clause of 14th Amendment.
  2. It makes the gay marriages legal in all the states of USA.
  3. Justice Anthony Kennedy said that, No Union is more profound than Marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming marital union , two people become something greater than once they were.

Freight corridor

  1. Eastern corridor - It connects  the Ludhiana in Punjab to Dankuni In west Bengal.
  2. Western corridor - It runs from Mumbai Nhava sheva( Jawaharlal port ) to Dhari in Haryana.
  3. DFC will be a game-changer in the freight transport sector. A freight consignment today takes two to three to move between Delhi and Mumbai. After completion of DFC, the time will be reduced to less than 24 hours. Thus, DFC will provide efficient, reliable and fast transport. This will help in improvement of railways’ share in transport from 36 per cent. WDFC will involve movement of double-stack containers with electric traction for the first time in the world. The average speed of trains will increase to 70 km per hour against 25 km per hour now. The unit cost of transport is also expected to reduce 40 per cent making DFC more economical than other modes of transport.


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  1. The delay in project led to a cost over run of around 60,000 crore rupees.


Smart cities of Modi

  1. The smart cities of Modi are based on the American model of Urbanization. It segregates the poor and rich in to various ghettos in the city. Unlike this, Chandigarh is based on Anglo-European model, where the objective is to create mixed income cities.  Here, the easy access to community infrastructure and institutions to all sections is given priority.

So, smart cities will institutionalize the disparity.

  1. In American model, the poor living in fringes / slums will be neglected and civic amenities will be impaired in those areas.


Education - quality

  1. Swaraj in Ideas - Political independence would amount to little without education that develops cognitive means, an ethical sensibility and a historical understanding.
  2. The production of knowledge in India is very dismal.
  3. There is a rapid expansion of education in response to pressure from growing middle class and the quality of education in higher education institutions got worsened.
  4. The Governance of universities is highly bureaucratized and an efficient governance model has to be evolved.
  5. The Privatisation of education, vested political interests in appointments to reputed institutions all have made governance of the institutions and quality standards to all new levels.


Forest Rights Act

  1. The Gramasabha is the designated authority to acknowledge the indiidual and community claims and later authorities approve them. In case, if they reject, they need to proide substantive reasons have to be provided.
  2. The forest Bureaucracy has misinterpreted the FRA and has emphasised on individual claims ignoring the collective claims. ( community forest resource)
  3. As per the status of forest report 1999, 32 million hectares of forest land is identified in village revenue boundaries and on which village communities depend on. It is eligible for recognition as a community forest resource under forest rights act and shall be brought under jurisdiction of Gramsabhas. Tragically, only 73000 hectares is recognised as CFR as per the report of Ministry of Tribal affairs report 2015.
  4. The major reasons are the resistance of the forest Bureaucracies and lack of awareness in state and local administration. Forest Bureaucracy has a conflicting interest, the department implementing the law has strongest interest in not implementing the same.
  5. So. Close coordination between tribal departments, civil society and district administration are necessary in improving the scenario.



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