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My notes 24-07-2015

24 July 2015

Death penalty – Supreme court directives


Shabnam vs union of India case

  1. As the law stands after the decision of the Supreme Court in Shabnam, a black warrant proceeding cannot take place without the accused and his lawyer being present. Shabnam now requires that five elements be satisfied: that a convict be given prior notice of the death warrant proceeding; that the warrant specify the exact date and time of execution and not a range of dates; that a reasonable period of time be fixed between the date of the order on the warrant and the date set for execution to enable the convict to meet his family and pursue legal remedies; that a copy of the execution warrant be made available to him; and that he/she be given legal aid at these proceedings.

Shatrughan Chauhan v. Union of India

  1. The Supreme Court in Shatrughan Chauhan v. Union of India (January 2014) once again affirmed the rights of death row prisoners to challenge the rejection of their mercy petition on certain grounds.
  2. Ideally, ‘black’ warrant proceedings ought to take place only after a prisoner has exhausted all legal remedies.

 India and IS


  1. The multiculturalism in India, secular constitutional values , syncretic reach of Islam in India are the protection against growing influence of IS in India.
  2. There is no overwhelming influence of Wahhabism or Salafism in India.
  3. A security oriented response along with protection of our core constitutional values will give us a long term strategy.


Terminology - Wahhabism, Salafism, radicalization of muslims, multiculturalism



  1. How do you think the IS presence is increasing in India?
  2. How can we tackle this issue?



Right to privacy

Aadhar or UID involves collection of Information from citizens without their authorization. The centralised storage of this information, unauthorized access, surveillance all provide a risk to security and privacy of the citizens.


Right to privacy and freedoms of citizens cannot take a backseat while prioritizing the better service delivery through electronic platforms.


Why Iran nuclear deal?

Change in regime - In USA , bush Government s neo conservative doctrine of reshaping middle east kept the Iran along with North Korea, Iraq in axis of evil. On the other hand, the Clinton administration, Obama administration made positive foot steps towards cooperation. I Iran, hard liners and conservatives built their strategy around protecting an Islamic republic and anti-Americanism. They saw with suspicion towards America and firmly believed, American interests and there are antagonistic to each other. Indeed, American interests are in line with protecting the interests of Israel and Saudi arabia in the region. The new moderate leadership in Iran, disconnected its twin pillars and moderate president Hassan Rouhani, a pragmatist took the cooperation forward along with President Obama.


Change in Geo politics in west asia - America was severly hit in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is a need to stabilise these war torn nations and Iran has a definite role to play as a neighbour of the both. The rise of Islamic state is a new threat in the middle east and west need the cooperation of Iran to fight this menace.


Terminology -

  1. Client state
  2. Sphere of influence
  3. Geo political realities
  4. Neo conservative doctrine of middle east


Land law in Maldives

  1. India raised concerns over the land law amendment that was passed by the Maldivian People’s Majlis .
  2. In particular, the new law would allow Chinese companies, well equipped in dredging and reclamation work to acquire islands and atolls in the Maldives. President Xi Jinping’s 21st century new “Maritime Silk Route (MSR)” hinges on projects in the Maldives, a key stop for the route.
  3. Maldivian president Mr. Yameen said: “The Maldivian government has given assurances to the Indian government and our neighboring countries as well to keep the Indian Ocean a demilitarized zone.”






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