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My notes 03-09-2015

 m03 September 2015

New oil exploration policy

  1. It involves sharing revenue instead of profits. They change proportionately with market prices.
  2. It provides for a unified licenses for all hydrocarbons in the field instead of license for each.
  3. The production deadlines are clearly prescribes.
  4. The new fields will be able to sell gas to any customer of their choice and not be bound by government’s allocation policy.


Chasing black money, with UN help


The UN convention against corruption provides for principle of asset Recovery -

 It provides that each state party shall take such measures as may be necessary to permit its competent authorities to give effect to an order of confiscation issued by a court of another state party. It also provides for the provisional freezing or seizing of property where there are sufficient grounds for taking such actions in advance of a formal request being received.



The countries that hold assets have been given special responsibilities such as enhanced scrutiny of accounts deposited by those entrusted with prominent public functions to detect suspicious transactions. They are also required to share information with the competent authorities of another state, when necessary, to investigate, claim and recover proceeds of offences.


The UN, through its Office on Drugs and Crime, which leads the fight against illicit drugs and international crime, has been given the responsibility to implement the convention, particularly its assets recovery provisions.


It mean that the proof of illegality of acquisition can not be insisted upon, and the asset can be transvered back if the receiving country was the legitimate owner of the property.


1965 war

  1. For India, It vanished the ghosts of 1962 war and proved to be a litmus test for its capabilities both on battlefront nad diplomatic maneuvering.
  2. The greatest diplomatic victory is to block chinese moves in UNSC and on Indian border. Though china and pakistan has the border agreement in 1963, the chinese involvement in the war was directly missing.
  3. Having US , USSR on Indias side.
  4. India successfully , kept UN outside the intervention. It has substantiaslly decreased the UN intervention in Kashmir affair there after.
  5. One of the biggest outcomes of the war was the sealing of the china - pakistan entente and New delhis realisation of strategic threat on two fronts.


Primary education

The RTE has three important components . Thery are

  1. Admission in age appropriate class
  2. Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation - scholastic, emotional and moral development of the child has to be assessed.
  3. No detention policy - child has to be automatically promoted.


All three ideas come from what could be broadly called the progressive education movement in the West that entered India under the name of “child-centred education”. The essence of this is , the education shall be guided by childs interests and learning through activities. The rational inquiry in to the mind of child can only occur in a free atmosphere.


To suit to this, learning has to be a continuum and shall progressively breate the knowledge in to the mind of the child.





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