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My notes 04-09-2015

O4 sep 2015

1)      Infrastructure

  1. National Investment infrastructure fund was created
  2. Skills India aims to provide necessary human resources.



Yuan devaluation and its impact

Monday, September 7, 2015

12:07 PM

  1.  India has a stable market and is not an export driven market. In this context with the existing strong fundamentals , it can not really effect the prospects of Indian economy in the short and medium term.
  2. The compeititive devaluation that is expected to result in once, other economies resort to the same exercise can be worrisome to India and it is also a major threa to the stability of global economy.
  3. Unlike other emerging economies, India is on a recovery path with good growth prospects.The slow down of china s growth prospects may not specifically useful to India unless it corrects the systemic challenges and simplifies its process.
  4. Development of global safety nets through a collaborative action is necessary.


Justice continues to elude Kandhamal

  1. The reaction of state to protect the minorties in communal violence scenario shows its resolve and strength and successful rehabilitation shows  compassion to those communities.
  2. The loss of life and poor rehabilitation are the breeding grounds of hostility against the state and its apparatus.
  3. Most of the communal violence victims are poor and are subjected to perpetual violence.


VP Ansari speech on invigorating Islam in India

  1. Muslims are trapped in vicious circle and in a culturally defensive posture that hinders self advancement.
  2. Lack of communications among communities has frozen the diversities of Indian society.
  3. The shadow of partition still carries on the society in its treatment of Indian Muslims.






Smart city has to be compact

  1. The financing model of the project, largely relies on high property taxes and expensive public services. According to the Ministry officials, the first five-year investment for each smart city is estimated at Rs. 5,000 crore. The Centre will provide Rs. 1,000 crore and the city has to manage the rest. To fill the financial gaps the government would have to increase taxes on property, entertainment, advertisements and parking lots.

It may go against to the poor people and cost of the public services is bound to increase.

  1. The structure of the Smart City Mission, emphasizing that the cities have to be “compact,” spread on minimum of 500 acres with adequate water supply, assured electricity, sanitation and efficient urban mobility.






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