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My notes - Nepal 15-09-2015

Brief History of Nepal

  1. 1951 - 1959  - Though popular rule was established, most of the levers of the government were still controlled by the palace, until a new constitution was adopted in 1959.
  2. 1959 - 1990 -Democratically elected Government was removed and Multiparty democracy was replaced party less panchayat regime. By 1996, Maoist insurgency started challenging the political order.
  3. Janandolan 1 - It lead to a new constitution and elections were held in 1991, 1994 and 1999.
  4. Jan Andolan 2 - After death of king Birendra, king Gyanendra s actions led to janandolan 2 and overthrowing of monarchy and Nepal became a republic in 2006
  5. In 2006, comprehensive peace agreement has come into existence and in 2008 at the very meeting of CA , all members declared Nepal to be a federal democratic republic.  An eight point agreement was reached on this fron in 2008.
  6. The further political fragmentation did not take the constitutional process forward and in 2013 elections , forces favoring the inclusive federalism got marginalised. It is majorily due to the fact that, madhesi leaders did not deliver on their promises.
  7. Now, Nepali congress, CPN (UML) holds 2/3 of the majority in constituent assembly. This is leading to reverting to an old unitary and exclusionary order . It is leading to a discontent and violence in terai region.
  8. The state is using disproportionate violence and it is making the movement intense. So, The Nepal army deployed there shall be recalled immediately.
  9. Repression can  not be the right response political disaffection. This can only increase alienation and can cause irreparable long term damage to Nepal’s national cohesion.


Bridging the trust deficit

  1. In srilanka , UNP and SLFP as partners established the Government with TNA as opposition. All the leaders are known friends to India.


  1. CEPA
  2. Delay of projects initiated by India
  3. Oil tank farms on the east coast of srilanka
  4. Investment oppourtunities in srilanka
  5. Issue of fisherman
  6. Tamil issue
  7. UNHRC resolution on war crimes


The comprehensive health care alternative

  1. The health care system shall move from preventive - promotive messages and limited facility based treatment options to broader health systems.
  2. It increases the access to health care at proximate hospitals. For ex, Kerala and TN achieved higher health care outcomes due to this.
  3. Till date , the focus alone on Mother and child care in PHC have led to just contact care and symptomatic treatment. It has led to under utilisation of the staff and many of the pregnancy and other related complications are also not treated there. The Health and wellness clinics shall change this.
  4. The growing Government sponsored insurance schemes is a reflection of Government s own mistrust on its system.






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