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My notes - focus on srilanka 16-09-2015


focus on srilanka Sep 16, 2015


Small leap forward in Indian Health


1.       Mother and child health care management majorily consists of

a.       Ante natal care

b.      Institutional delivery

c.       Early neonatal care

d.      Breast feeding

e.       Vaccination of the child

Other associated issues important as part of health care delivery are

a.       Nutrition

b.      Safe drinking water

c.       Sanitation


The recent rapid survey on children showed a dramatic improvement in the health deliverables related to children.


The areas of substantial progress are institutional deliveries, Deliveries attended by skilled provider, breastfeeding of the child in the first hour of delivery, vaccination coverage. Many of these are related to the government’s serious attention and incentivisation through Janani suraksha yojana.



Development of a huge ground level health care human resources in the form of Anganwadi workers, ASHA, ANM are the other reasons.


But, antenatal checkups, consumption of nutritional supplements like Iron, folic acid is low. The achievements in sanitation and safe drinking water are also not remarkable.


The cash incentives have led to institutional deliveries, but the real benefits that come through pre and post-natal care are not availed.


The child mal nutrition showed a reduction but it is not substantial. H/A mal nutrition still stands at 39% and W/A at 29%.


It is not the Chinese economy that is in crisis

1.       China s crisis can be better described as a) short term -problems posed by the stimulus program b) long term problems related to structural shifts.

2.       In spite of recession, china grew at a speed of 7% growth last year. As an export dependent economy, recession has hit the china due to contraction in global demand. It tried to raise the domestic demand through a stimulus and it’s short term problems are more related to this.  The chronic over investment in infrastructure, excessive debt, property market overhang, financial problems of local Governments are few of these.

3.       The Chinese currency is appreciating since 25%. It also made its exports less competitive.

4.       On the other side, Chinese economy is also undergoing a structural shift. It is becoming increasingly innovative. There is a renewable energy revolution, growth of service sector etc. It is converting itself from a labour intensive, export oriented economy to one based on value added production and domestic consumption. It will be crucial to its long term future.

5.       On the other side, the western European economies showed how fragile they are and are still relying on zero interest rates too boost economy. In the near future, if china is able to balance its short term decisions to long term shifts, it will definitely lead the global economy.



Human rights issues - Srilanka


History -

a.       Srilanka army defeated the separatist Tamil tiger rebels in May 2009. There are many allegations of human rights violations both by the srilankan army and LTTE.

b.      2011 UN report - The government was accused of using heavy weaponry even in to the government designated safe zone for civilians. Srilanka rejected the claims in the report as biased and fraudulent.

c.       LLRC - Government appointed LLRC - lessons learnt and reconciliation commission and it cleared the military of allegations that it has deliberately attacked the civilians. Rights groups dismissed the report as flawed.

d.      In 2013, Government held the elections for semi-autonomous council in the Tamil majority north and TNA won 30 out of 38 seats. It gave a chance for everybody to think fresh about the future.

F.       2015 elections - After the report SLFP supported the UNP and a national Unity Government has come in to existence. Ranil wickramasinghe became the Prime minister

G.      Fresh initiatives in Srilanka - a) setting up a constituent assembly of parliament that will adopt a new constitution. b) Truth and reconciliation commisison (commission for truth, justice, reconciliation and non-recurrence) will be appointed as like in South Africa.

H.      It can be expected that in the new constitution there will be specific devolution of powers to provinces. Inclusive federation can build an acceptable solution.



 Pentagon cell to push India trade ties

1.       IRRC - India rapid reaction cell will be established in pentagon to take forward Defence trade and technology Initiative. (DTTI)


India reaches out to North Korea

1.       North Korea has huge reserves of rare earth metals necessary for India’s IT industry and electronic majors. World is impatient to reach to North Korea. India want to have a first step advantage.





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