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My notes 02-10-2015

India - Germany

Friday, October 2, 2015

6:56 PM

  • Germany after Second World War as like Japan emphasised on being a geo economic power rather than geo political power.  Now, both of them trying to raise their geo political influence in their respective regions.
  • Germany and Japan can become natural partners to India in a true sense - They do not compete with each other in market place or in power politics and they have something to offer for India and the same is the case with India.
  • Germany and Japan has surplus capital, technology and are fasst losing on Human capital and is surplus with India.
  • There are many cultural connections for India with Germany - German Indologist Max muller has contributed to the western appreciation of Indian culture and history.
  • If Angela Markel’s can breathe a new life in to India - EU free trade agreement, it can further take forward the strengths.
  • Germany’s accommodative and developmental approach in various issues such as climate change, multilateral trade etc can become a strong foundation for a strategic partnership.
  • Economically stronger India, competitive EU can help realise their shared agenda of creating a multi polar global power system.
  • Strong stable leadership in India and Germany can facilitate this.

Making India free of smoky Kitchens

  • Indoor air pollution is caused by combustion of traditional bio mass in traditional cooking.
  • Various programs launched to supply clean energy to households did not yild satisfactory results and the recent study shows that even vy 2030, 40% of population in India will be Biomass dependant.
  • Improved cook stoves, LPG subsidisation, biogas missions shall be more ambitious to achieve sustainable development goal 7.


Sharif proposals - 4 step peace plan


  1. Ending the firing at LOC, Formalise and respect 2003 ceasefire under the verification of UN  military observer group
  2. No use of force agreement
  3. Demilitarise kashmir
  4. Mutually withdraw troops from the siachen.


India’s response - there is only one step - That is to end cross border terrorism.

  • In a point-by-point reply to Mr. Sharif’s reference to Kashmir as a land “under foreign occupation”, India brought up the condition of Kashmiris in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), saying it was up to Pakistan to vacate Kashmir and not the other way round.
  • However, India’s decision to reply to the Pakistani line on Kashmir with counter-allegations on the PoK seems to be a false step. Despite all its attempts over the years, Pakistan has been unsuccessful in getting the United Nations or the P-5 Security Council members to consider any reference on Kashmir; the subject was last discussed by the UNSC in 1971. All of its references and pleas to UN committees to take up the dispute have been disregarded, and every P-5 nation has counselled both countries to resolve the issue bilaterally.





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