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My notes 06-10-2015

06 Oct 2015


Drones to help guage crop damage

  • New programme called “Kisan” (Crop Insurance using Space Technology and Geoinformatics) is launched.
  • “The crop insurance claim is calculated on the basis of crop cutting experiments. However, there has always been a problem in getting timely and accurate data, due to which payment of claims to farmers were getting delayed.
  • The scientific data collected by drones and collated with satellites imagery will be matched with traditional crop cutting experiments to arrive at a foolproof data.


  • Trans pacific partnership - It covers 12 countries and 40% of global GDP across the world. It is led by USA.
  • It is seen as economic component of Asia pivot.


  • It is led by china


Killing in Dadri

  • Killing of Mr Akhlaq in Dadri shows the communal colours the feeding habits of the people are taking. Cow has become a symbol of Hinduism and consumption of beef as a disrespect to it.
  • Banning cow slaughter is a key component of Hindutva politics. True, the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional validity of legislation in many States against cow slaughter. And, prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle is part of the Directive Principles of State Policy. But the rationale in the Constitution was economic, relating to the organisation of agriculture and animal husbandry in a predominantly rural economy, and not religious.
  • Cow has been converted aggressively in to a symbol for religious orthodoxy demanding its place in a secular nation state.

The reactionary present


  • Hindu religion and classification of the people based on varna system is against to an egalitarian society. It is meant to protect the interests of few people , who belong to Brahminical class. It is also highly paternalistic religating the identity of women equivalent to the sudra.
  • what we are witnessing today, under a government of the Hindu Right, is yet another phase of reaction and orthodoxy, a return to medieval Brahminical values that seek to monopolise rights for a select few and turn everyone else out of the body politic and the social compact.


Merkel visit to India

  • Fast track wing activated to boost trade. Germany is the second country after Japan for which such a facility is created.
  • Germany did not agree to sign MLAT - Mutual legal assistance treaty citing the existence of death penalty in India.
  • India and Germany formed the climate and renewable energy alliance.
  • National Mission on Ganga will also receive financial support from Germany.


The Grand delusion of Digital India


  1. 1.       Widening of deprivations and inequalities in a digital world
  • The irony is that what goes missing in the search of a “technological fix” is human beings themselves. What should worry us is not the digital divide, but the fundamental divide between a rapidly growing technological capability and a snail-like growth in eliminating human deprivation. Substantial reduction of social sector spending can further worsen the human deprivation. Networks ability to reduce the poverty, its ability to bring in empowerment and inclusion can be an over expectation.

Technologies impact on allocative efficiency and equitable policies is limited and they are ultimately are the questions in politics. 

  1. In the technocratic vision, democracy is a result of technology. That is why Prime minister  Modi said, “technology is advancing citizen empowerment and democracy, that once drew their strength from Constitutions.” But, no democratic revolution in the world has been brought about by technology, but by human beings willing to sacrifice themselves for equality and liberty. Here, technology might be an instrument.
  2. If India and china are compared. China made substantial expenditure in education, health care before it transformed it serf in to market based economy. It is not the case in India in its shift away from socialism.






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