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My notes 10-10-2015

10 Oct 2015

A return to belligerence


  • Pakistan has always tried its best to internationalise the Kashmir issue and the present effort is no different. But, the international community did not hear to its voice since 1965, when Indian delegation made a walk out from UNGA meeting.
  • The recent statement by Prime minister sharif charging India with Keeping Kashmir Under foreign occupation, raising the Human rights Issue, 4 point peace formula are the latest attempts to attract the international community.
  • This assertiveness can be attributed to
  1. Growing Military and Economic relationship with China
  2. Military and its success in handling terrorism in Zarb - e-Azb in Waziristan, Sindh. It has provided a new assertiveness in army. It is well known that in Pakistan in relation to India, army is the one who calls the shorts.
  3. Raised nuclear deterrence capability
  • In this context, India shall avoid Knee jerk reactions and look for the rational reasons to counter Pakistan. India’s counter action in raising the issue of human rights issues in Baluchistan and Pok will equate both the nations on the same line and is not good for India s national interests.
  • Above all, weak state, strong military, nuclear arsenal, religious extremism all together makes the Pakistan inherently dangerous to global community.

 Trans pacific partnership

  • It involves a trade agreement between USA and 11 pacific rim nations including Japan and Canada. Totally, it accounts for the 40% of global GDP and it will free 18000 goods from various tariffs.
  • TPP is seen as an important element of Obamas Asian Pivot to safeguard its economic might and strategic interests in Asia.
  • However, China and USA economically are so closely interlocked with each other, the extent to which TPP will effect the china interests is doubtful. Isolation of an economy that has invested trillions of dollars in USA treasury bonds is next to impossible.
  • Above all, the major criticism for TPP is from the domestic front. It is criticised as corporsate friendly and can lead to job reduction in USA. It is equally opposed by Mr.Trump, Bernie sanders - presidential candidates in US elections.
  • Economist Joseph Stiglitz also expressed his concerns saying - TPP cannot achieve either the stated economic objectives or unstated strategic objectives.

Prime minister response to Dadri Killing

  • Prime minister instead of going for an outright condemnation of the incident, tried to caution the nation about evils of communalism. It appears that by blaming all Hindus and all Muslims he has blamed none.
  • Any form of communalism is dangerous for a nation and body politic. But, communalism of minority and majoritarian communalism cannot be seen with the same lens.  Minority consolidation flows from a sense of insecurity and other side majority communalism flows from assertiveness. In this case, majoritarian communalism poses greater threat to the democratic polity.
  • As Thomas Jefferson said - Nothing is more unequal than the equal treatment of unequals.


Tunisian mediators win Nobel Prize

  • The National dialogue quartet has put the country back on to the path of democracy, gave it a constitution and prevented it from falling back in to a civil war. The achievement can be seen as quite commendable, if compared with ongoing civil war in other countries where arab spring occurred.









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