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October 17, 2015 17-10-2015

October 17, 2015


Saturday, October 17, 2015

11:53 PM

  • Absence of state capacity - that is of the services and protections that people in rich countries take for granted  is one of the major causes of poverty and deprivation around the world.- Angus Deaton


  1. Supreme court of India declared 99th constitutional amendment act that established NJAC as unconstitutional and void. The judgement is to protect independence of Judiciary and to establish the primacy of judiciary in the protection of the rights of the citizens.
  2. The bench opined that existence of law minister and two eminent persons in the NJAC will give the executive a veto to quash the appointments recommended by the CJI. In the existing scenario, where Government is the major litigant in the courts, this may interfere with the fairness of the Justice.  Court also said, inclusion of law minister is violative of separation of functions and judicial independence.
  3. The bench also did not admit the collegium system as foolproof and invited suggestions to improve the system.
  4. On part of the two eminent persons from civil society, court opined that in India, organic development of the civil society has not yet sufficiently evolved.

On the other side, the criticism of the judgement include

  1. Primacy of Judiciary is not existent in the constitution.
  2. Collegium system functions in secrecy and is detrimental to the Judiciary.


CBI caught on the wrong foot

  • Politicization of Bureaucracy and ministerial interference in their functioning through oral commands can put the officers at risk at a later stage. Officers shall remember the temporary nature of the political executive and shall function in the long term interests of the organisations. In this context, seeking of a oral command in writing will fix the responsibility in concerned superior, minister and it can save the officer of the day.


Nepal and India’s relations at best can be described as an uneven interdependence. India is dependent on Nepal for its strategic interests and Nepal is dependent on India for its energy needs, trade, employment etc. In this context, India shall not get this special relationship projected as unfair in the eyes of Nepalese.

The recent actions of the Government made India to appear as a country interested in its own self-interests rather than the interests of its Neighbor.




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