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My notes - Myanmar elections - Backgrounder 09-11-2015

9th November 2015


Elections in Myanmar

  • NLD - National League for Democracy led by Aang san suu kyi and Union solidarity and development party backed by military and headed by Thein sein are the major contenders.
  • In the parliament 25% of seats are filled with unelected military rulers. It means, if USDP wins 1/3 rd of seats it can have control over presidency. Constitution can not be amended with out military s permission.
  • Key security ministries like defence, home, border affairs are selected by the head of army and not president.
  • 2008 constitution sets out a complex process of president election and a parent with foreign offspring can not be a president. It disqualifies suu kyi to be a president as she has a child with British citizenship.
  • Firstly the Hluttaw( parliament of Myanmar) will divide into three groups: the elected representatives of the Lower House, the elected representatives of the Upper House, and the unelected army representatives.

Each group puts forward a candidate and then the three of them face a vote in a joint session that includes all the elected and unelected representatives of both Houses.

The winner becomes president and the two losers vice-presidents.


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Issue - Rohingya Muslims - They are denied with citizenship, travel and voting rights.



Pakistan and Nuclear race

  1. At present Pakistan is spending around 25% of its budget on defence and so it is failing to provide adequate services to its citizens.
  2. A Q khan network in pakistan is responsible for providing technology for Iran and North korea. Recently Former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani had conformed it,.
  3. Another concern is related to the safety of Nuclear arsenal.

Department of Public enterprises

  • Department of Public Enterprises wants the MEA to influence African countries, to replicate Nehruvian post independence period industrial policy that heavily relied on state owned enterprises. It helps them as there is no private capital investment. It helps our loss making PSEs to function in a near monopoly like conditions through their subsidies in Africa.
  • It helps India to compete with china which has a target of bilateral trade at $400bn and investments to the tune of $100bn






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